Poszukuję osoby, która przeprowadzi mnie przez adwords tłumacząc "gdzie, co i jak"

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Poszukuję osoby, która przeprowadzi mnie przez adwords tłumacząc "gdzie, co i jak" jestem analitykiem analizującym dane natomiast potrzebuję wiedzy odnośnie ustawiania kampanii itd do własnych sklepów

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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Vorp core 2.0
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. convert gum_character to vorp environment (lua) https://github.com/gummyantifi/Gum_Framework_Core/ -> https://github.com/gummyantifi/Gum_Framework_Core/tree/main/gum_character and here vorp: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Character OR 2. rewriting vorp_character which is in c# to lua. https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Character For both, take into account vorp core 2.0 and work on the /rc command which does a character load and restores health and stamina unnecessarily. This needs to be blocked so that it does not restore either health or stamina.
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    Contreo 3 deals
    Offlin database
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I am looking for a person to help prepare a product database that allows the following functionality: - definition of the product, options and features - definition of relationships between elements so that only those features and options that are related to the product and to each other are configurable - generation to csv files of all possible combinations based on the current relationships between the various elements of the base. The idea is to prepare a database in any environment, preferably offline, on which I can work independently. The database will have 1 user, it will not be shared over the network, so even the most simplistic tools are involved.
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    Kordian M 1 deal
    MySQL Database
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am about to move the site to another service provider. Unfortunately, my MySQL database is over 1.2 GB, and the service provider can add the current database at a maximum size of 1 GB. I am looking for someone who can shrink the database. I have some junk in there from former plugins
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    z.oracz@hipernet.com.pl 1 deal
    I am looking for a person/company to install Akeneo PIM + Polish language on our server Server on debian version 11
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    Patryk Ryłko 1 deal
    I have access to a ready-made ImageMagick script, but I can't get it to work/operate. I need someone to run it at my place, check the correct operation and instruct me how to use it. I will send the script in a private message. For those with knowledge of ImageMagick.
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    Assistance in choosing the optimal server (on hetzner.com), preparing and securing the server. Service on wordpress, currently in cyberfolks to hetzner.com DNS rewriting. Assignment to be done 'yesterday'. Permanent cooperation possible.
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    BPB 3 deals
    Creation of a server in the company
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have 3 computers in the company - I would like one of them to serve as a server under the cash register program and printers. If possible, I would like to access it from the outside. Computers on Windows 10 PRO, modem is Funbox 6, all connected by LAN cables. Location of the office: Wólczyńska street, Warsaw
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    DamianD. 8 deals
    I have a store on Idosell on which I run a stock policy. I would like to make selected offerings available on https://cdon.se - I can do this in bulk by uploading an XML/CSV file. CDON unfortunately does not have the integration I am familiar with. Updating prices and inventory will be by importing files into cdon. The object of the order is to flip the indicated product database from idosell to cdon and prepare templates for exporting data from idosell so that I can do the updates myself.
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    jphouse.pl 3 deals
    Good day, I am looking for a person to upload my wholesale files to allegro using their CSV file
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    Norbert Sobala 4 deals
    I have a csv file with links to images. The link looks roughly like this: htpps/XYZ/product/photo1 The task is simple, flip the photos to the new server so that we can change XYZ to ABC and the entire path must remain the same. How you do this is unimportant. For us it is important that the photos are on the new domain/server.