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    Single product page with 4 variants
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person who could make a landing page + 2 tabs for me. The main page would have 4 product variants in different configurations and a simple offer proposal calculator. The customer, after selecting the configuration, would have to enter their information and then make a payment. Payment would have to be in a subscription or "upfront" model. I would like the process of sending invoices to take place automatically along with the subscription as well as the process of sending emails.
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    Kropla 4 deals
    I will commission to configure a plugin on WP for booking appointments and hook it up with pay u and woocomerce payments. Work for 1 hr in total
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    Bensons 5 deals
    Adding import announcements
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to add functionality to our site in the form of advertisements, orders for importing goods from China. We already have a corresponding tab. Here is a brief description of how it should look like and what functions it should have. The customer, after setting up an account on our wholesaler, goes to the appropriate tab for imports from China. Then he clicks the create new order button. He gives the details of the order, including: title, description, photos, link to the product, when he needs the goods, etc. Once accepted, the ad goes to moderation, after checking it is accepted and added to the site. Companies that will cooperate with us will have the opportunity to add their offer under the ad. They should also get an email notification and the appearance of a new order. Necessary things to do: 1. adding an ad section as above, making it nice and clear without unnecessary elements. 2. Create in woocommerce a new group of users such as contractors. We will be able to assign permissions manually. The company, which will not be added by us, will not be able to view orders. 3. anyone can add an order after registering on our wholesaler, but he can only see his order. He cannot see the orders of other customers. 4.Companies submit their offer under the ad, something like a comment or like on USEME. The customer contacts the selected company. 5. For now, everything will be free. If it develops, there will be fees for posting orders or for accepting them. For now, this does not need to be done, but write the code so that in the future it will not require much rework. To recap, it's supposed to be something along the lines of USEME, only more simplified. Such a tweaked bulletin board. Please ask me for quotes and turnaround time. If you have any questions, please write a message.
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    Bensons 5 deals
    We are planning to expand our store with additional suppliers. At the moment everything is integrated and products are downloaded and updated via a plugin. Here's a brief description of how it's supposed to work. We manually assign products from several wholesalers to the main product categories on our site. A customer entering the automotive category, for example, sees 100 products from different wholesalers. There should be a filter (switch) on the page to show products from warehouse 1, warehouse 2, or all of them. The cart value should be locked to a minimum value. For example, from warehouse 1, it is not possible to order for less than 400 PLN. When you add products and go to the cart, they should be divided by warehouse. For example - STORAGE 1 CART VALUE 500 PLN, - STORAGE 2 CART VALUE 300 PLN, TOTAL 800 PLN. Details below: 1. add the ability to filter (switch) by warehouse. We have already made the attribute field of WHOLESALE , so it will probably be left to make the switch. 2. hide the SKU code field, and move the ID code in its place. The customer is not to see the SKU codes, they are to be visible only to us. 3. minimum cart value by store. We already have a suitable plugin for this, it blocks by attribute. It will probably remain only to configure it. 4 Split order by warehouse. The customer is supposed to see the products from each warehouse and the value in the cart. He is also supposed to be able to add or reduce product quantities directly from the cart. 5. the order you receive should be divided by warehouse. For example, STORAGE 1 list of products, below it STORAGE 2. This is to be as one order, only to be divided "visually". That is basically all. There may come some minor functionalities, but this we can do later as an additional order. The theme of the store is the author's.
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    I will commission the creation of a name for an online store with used electronics. Our company offers laptops, phones and computers at good quality and low price. In addition, buying used electronics is environmentally friendly.
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    INFINITUM 3 deals
    Hello, I'm looking for a person to help with a Prestashop-based store. We currently have some changes to make, including: 1. Adding additional product identification numbers, we are transferring the numbers. 2. Translation of payment pages, shipping, rules, return, etc. into other languages, Google Translate will suffice. 3. redesigning the menu. 4. refresh the appearance of the site. 5. connect new payment modules from other countries. 6. Translation of product descriptions and other elements with the addition of a module for translation. And various other elements to be determined later. A person from the Tri-City and surrounding areas is welcome. Please send me your portfolio. Greetings
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    Athletic Rebel
    Implementation of new store changes/coding
    Proposed by freelancer
    Minor changes to the design of the online store (on Wordpress) + updates to the system and plugins Front-end coding: -Changing the tiles on the homepage -Changes in text colors -Add a link to the size tab above the size selection -Displaying a second image from the gallery after hovering over a product in the listing -Increasing the shopping cart icon in the menu on the home page Back-end coding: -Updating the WordPress system, WooCommerce, plugins and theme Storefront -Verification of installed plugins -Add and pre-configure the Quick Cross-Sell +Testing after making changes I'm asking for a quote for the whole thing or if any of you can complete only some of these changes, please list which ones and give me a price.
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    Prestashop store. You need to block sending an automatic message from prestashop about placing an order to the customer without blocking the sending of an email about the appearance of the product in stock.
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    H2S 1 deal
    I am a webdeveloper who creates websites, however, it just so happens that I currently have more orders than I can process. I am currently looking for someone to make a store on Woocommerce for the beauty industry - natural cosmetics. 1500 products, 90% of traffic on mobile, color scheme and branding are already established. I get all orders through referrals from existing clients, so I am looking for someone to work with who can actually make good sites. Inserting a template and swapping images plus moving elements in the builder is not that level. The site requires creating some of the elements from your finger in JavaScript and/or PHP. The quality and speed of the site needs to be at a high level (I can judge that), gutenberg based site, header and footer written from my finger with editable menu via standard wordpress tab. All content and images will be provided by me. The product card is to include a large product photo plus an editable "badge". In addition, a module to inform about the time left to order so that the package goes out today. A site based on elementor, divi, wpbakery or crocoblock plugins are not an option. The site must be hooked up with InPost, 3 payment plugins, Tag Manager, Google Analytics4 and include an additional module allowing to insert the offer of the day along with a countdown. Website
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    H2S 1 deal
    I am looking for an experienced PHP programmer who is able to write from scratch a dedicated template for an online store. It can't be a ready-made template, a template that you created before and want to customize here or a store on divi, elementor, etc. The store must handle 1000 visitors at the same time without slowing down. The entire layout will be provided to you, but the look will be completely different from the standard look of a store on Woocommerce. You must be able to create a product card, shopping cart or checkout completely from scratch. I'm not interested in a store sprinkled with plugins, most of the elements should be written from scratch for maximum site speed. Layout also stipulates the need to write your own Query and create your own blocks in Gutenberg, also you must know how to program. In addition, you should implement Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4 - here, too, there can be no use of plugins, because I have very precise requirements for what and when to be sent through Data Layers. If you know this and have experience then let me know and we'll talk about the details.
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Karina Lunar
2 deals
Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:

500.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

Potrzebuje osoby do, która postawi sklep (w wordpressie) od podstaw z biletami elektronicznymi na wydarzenie (podpiecie platności, generatora QR itp)

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

płatności online, generator kodów QR

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