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    We are currently creating a new website. I'm looking for a graphic designer to create an animation of the "drawing" of the chart that will be placed in the site - in lottie format.
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    Graphics on social media
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a Graphic Designer We are directly interested in cooperation, which may last for a longer period of time, hence we need a specific person to act. We are mainly interested in: -creating brand identity -designing visual identities -designing logos -advertising banners -graphics for fanpage and websites (building brand recognition, engaging audiences and increasing sales) Please provide a portfolio to offer cooperation along with your own proposed rates Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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    Akces Dance
    The order is to prepare a graphic design according to the printer's guidelines for a 2m (width) x 3m (height) advertising wall. Link to the wall and preparation guidelines: https://www.adsystem.pl/scianki-reklamowe/scianki-pop-up/adwall-edge/ The project is to include one large photo (which also needs final retouching and processing) and 2 logos.
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    Oltek 1 deal
    Graphic designer - fb posts + rolls
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a UI Designer/Graphic Designer with the ability to work on Canva. Super like being able to process videos (trimming, adding intros). We are looking for a permanent collaborative person to design and create graphics for our Social Media, story graphics, create moving graphics. You can see our style on our Facebook profile. We are open to suggestions 😊 Requirements: - experience in graphic design - proficiency in Canva (if you use another program - let us know) - independence in creating projects - positive attitude and punctuality Please send me a quote for 30 graphics Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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    Creating a brochure + possibly printing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I would like to commission the creation of a brochure of several pages
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    Creating a footer for an email
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person who will create a professional and aesthetic email footer for us.
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    WK invest
    Designing the logo and graphic identity for our new dining concept.
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    MY_DAY Portraits
    I am looking for a graphic designer who will periodically, 8 times a month (every Monday and Thursday) to prepare 4-5 banners for an online store (examples attached below). Each week to prepare 8-10 banners. Corporate identity is defined and very simple therefore the criterion for selection of the contractor will be primarily price. I ask for a quote per month of such cooperation.
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    Kamil Gontarski
    I am looking for a person to work with on an occasional basis. From time to time in the company we run advertising campaigns for which we need a graphic designer, and it would be good to have someone who can be called to assist us in this from time to time :) I would like to know at the outset such aspects of cooperation as: 1. the deadline for the work For example, let's say we are running a campaign on FB and GDN, where we need five variants of graphics - in the case of GDN matched to most formats - if we need more details we can talk 2. method of billing Per hour? Per graphic? Per campaign? 3. price How much per hour? How much for graphics? How much per campaign? I would also appreciate examples of similar implementations. Thanks! :)
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    Natalia Dental
    We want to create a simple project - the outline of a dental drill in macro. Filling with one color so the most important is the outline according to the indications of what shape the drill has. The design will then be used on the plotter-cut from adhesive film.
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Job description

Zlecę przerobienie logo strony na bardziej widoczne w Allegro.


Rozmiar - 96 x 42 px

Waga pliku do 10 kB, format: png

W tym momencie logo jest słabo widoczne na stronie ofert. Logo ze strony czteryszuflady.pl, w załączniku zdjęcie pokazujące jak wygląda na liście ofert Allegro.


Posiadam logo w różnych formatach, dobrej jakości i dużych rozmiarów. Zależy mi na przystosowaniu go do wymagań Allegro przy zachowaniu dobrej czytelności (np. dodanie tła, pogrubienie czcionki, poprawa jakości miniatury).

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