Polish Transcription Project Company: Macroaisolutions Project Type: Polish Transcription Language: Polish Duration: 5 Months

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Ahmet Akpunar
Ahmet Akpunar
Job category:
Expected budget:

50.00 USD

Valid until:

Job description


In this Polish transcription project, the proper segmentation will be done of a valid audio clip. The user will have to write what he/she hears from that audio clip according to all the guidelines and transcription rules provided.

Selection procedure:

-There will be training videos for workers.

-There will be training sessions on zoom to train workers.

-Ids will be assigned.

-Workers will have to give a trial on assigned Ids.

-If a worker will fail then he/she will give a re-trial.

-If a worker will pass the trial he/she will be moved to the main room.

The trial period will be of 02-03 days in which the company will take trials of all the people and evaluate their work and announce the results in the group. If you have successfully passed your trials you are good to go.


1: Personal computer or laptop.

2: Good command of the Polish language.

3: Have 06 to 08 hours a day for this project.

4: Good and stable Internet Connection.

5: Keen listener and good typing skills.

Payment Calculation:

Payments will be paid only for VALID audio transcription. A person can easily complete 60 minutes of transcription in 06 to 08 hours, for which person will get at least USD * per day. So, by working 30 days a person can make *$.


When the project will properly start, people who are working full time will be assigned with daily targets and they have to provide their work updates as well. This will be done on daily basis without any compromise.

Terms and Conditions:

1: The payment cycle will be biweekly.

2: We will pay for the only valid transcription; no payments will be paid for invalid transcription audio clips.

3: There is NO compromise on the quality of work done.

Number of characters:

1 hour audio record

The language of the text:


Type and number of texts:

1 hour audio record