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    Proposed by freelancer
    Gamblorium (https://gamblorium.com/nz/) is a large project that familiarizes users from around the world with the IGaming. We are looking for an SEO English copywriter/ content creator, who would like to join our project in a long-term relationship and become an expert in the niche. Your tasks will be сontent creation (iGaming brand articles, ratings, experiences) Here’s the list of the requirements we expect from our writers while making content: 1. All content that you do for our project must be unique and written completely by you. We don’t accept articles copied or translated from other sources or languages. 2. We expect the articles you write contain only necessary and interesting information. (It’s always better to ask what we expect from the text, instead of writing long tales just to fulfil the word requirement.) 3. We don’t provide our visitors with fake information. When writing brand articles, we give honest opinions. Copywriters need to mention if the article website: has no profitable promotions, works without a license, or has an old-fashioned website interface. There’s no need to describe everything in the pink light. 4. We don’t encourage our users to spend real money. We don’t attract visitors under 21 to try the casino games. We respect the principles of responsible gambling and encourage our visitors to do the same. 5. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. Please proofread before submitting. 6. The required amount of words can range from plus to minus 100 words. If the content contains twice more words than was set in the initial task, we reserve the right to ask you to apply corrections and remove unnecessary information. 7. In our tasks, we provide the list of keywords that should be used in the text. They should be written the same way as they are mentioned in the task and marked in bold. Don’t separate the words with prepositions, conjunctions, or commas. The only change that can be done is the change in the declension.
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    Recorded IVR switchboard - emerging brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! We need a voiceover/lecturer to record/record audio to the IVR control panel.
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    Repulse 58 deals
    Texts about cleaning in German
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need to commission texts about cleaning in German in the following format: 1. meta title 60-80 characters 2. meta description 150 characters 3. content with h1 header - 3000 characters + including keywords Such descriptions will be ~100
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    Repulse 58 deals
    Texts about cleaning in English
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need to commission texts about cleaning in English in the following format: 1. meta title 60-80 characters 2. meta description 150 characters 3. content with h1 header - 3000 characters + including keywords Such descriptions will be ~100
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    Antal Sp. z o.o. 5 deals
    To create the design and redesign of 30 company documents in a uniform format. To be changed visually: - logo alignment - font - footer Documents are to be as different as possible from the original. Working in Microsoft Word.
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    Baliana 21 deals
    Copywriter - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter for permanent cooperation in creating SEO texts for an online store and blog. Required education and experience in physiotherapy and rehabilitation (I am particularly interested in rehabilitation in sports) Please send me your portfolio. I request a quote for writing 10 texts, each 10'000zzs
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    SG Papertronics B.V.
    I am looking for a copywriter to rewrite a short text (250 words) - "Our story" for a sales offer. I would like to make the text lighter and more attractive to read. The target group are craft brewers. In the future, I am planning other commissions, mainly for writing texts for the blog.
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    Looking for a person to transfer / prepare descriptions for products (about 150-200 pieces). The store has been implemented a new module we need to transfer the existing in Polish (visual arrangement + photos). In addition, prepare on the basis of Polish version in ENG and the assignment of photos. For more information, please contact us.
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    Preparation of transcriptions/translations
    Proposed by freelancer
    An IT company is looking for an associate to transcribe podcasts and videos, as well as translate prepared material into English. Requirements: - Light pen, - Good knowledge of English, - Accuracy and reliability, - Good organization of work and meeting deadlines. Preferred way of payment - fixed rate per 1 minute of material or per 1000 zzs
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    Blog article about earning money online
    Proposed by freelancer
    It is to promote the affiliate program, the details will be presented in the message of the selected contractor
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Job description

Poszukujemy osoby, która potrafi pisać maile sprzedażowe i dostosować język i komunikację do odbiorcy. Celujemy w decydentów z firm nastawionych na B2B z różnych branż.

Teksty są na dwóch etapach:

1. Cold maile do osób z którymi nie mieliśmy jeszcze styczności. Cel: wzbudzenie zainteresowania, umówienie spotkania.

2.Maile podsumowujące pierwszą rozmowę, mają na celu zwiększenie świadomości tego co moglibyśmy zrobić dla kontrahenta i zachęcenie go do podjęcia negocjacji w zakresie kosztów, terminu i zakresu prac.

Zajmujemy się prospectingiem w formie usługi. Czyli jesteśmy w stanie przejąć proces zaczynając od stworzenia listy potencjalnych kontaktów do momentu wyrażenia przez kogoś zainteresowania. Jesteśmy otwarci na wszystkie etapy pośrednie, czyli samo stworzenie listy, sama komunikacja, samo zbudowanie kanały komunikacyjnego (głównie LinkedIn).

Jeśli czujesz, że to coś dla Ciebie, napisz proponowane warunki i przykładową wiadomość, która według Ciebie nadała by się na tego typu usługi.

Type and number of texts:

Szukamy kogoś do stałej współpracy. Na początek będzie to kilka tekstów. Maile po kilka akapitów maksymalnie.

Number of characters: