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    WORKSOL 35 deals
    Good Morning For reasons unknown to me I have been blocked twice for violating community rules by not doing anything on my private account. The last thing I did was post a rpacy offer on my private page (I have 2300 friends) after 24 hours I was blocked again and then after 24 hours I was blocked permanently. I downloaded the data from my account. There was a company account on FB connected to my private account. I spend about 2,000 PLN per month on ads. I also own more than a dozen groups. Now I can't access anything because the admin was from my private account which is the admin account for all these pages and groups. The ads continue to fly and I have no control over them. I am looking for a person who will recover and arrange all this and also answer my question about what happened and what to do to prevent it from happening again?
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    Projektant Wnętrz
    I will commission the acquisition of clients for the design of an apartment/home. Own ideas will be an added advantage. The remuneration we anticipate is 400-1000 PLN depending on the project area. Our offer is very competitive because the price of the project is about 30% lower than the competition. The announcement is due to the fact that we want to focus on projects and there is not enough time for marketing the company. We prefer long-term cooperation.
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    RAPIT 14 deals
    I am looking for a person to open two advertising accounts on facebook for me, since I already have a limit. Please make an offer for 2 advertising accounts
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    Polstar 5 deals
    We are interested in creating a google ads campaign for the German market. The store is exclusively for this market in German language of course. Based on the Woocomerce platform.
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    Marketing Heroes 77 deals
    Creation of Instagram rolls, Facebook
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order is to create about 20 rolls with excerpts from training and courses.
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    Due to the tremendous growth of our company, we are looking for a responsible and reliable person whose task will be to acquire clients/orders for us in the field of Social Media and advertising services. For our part, we guarantee great bonuses, work with professionals and the guarantee of working with the best professionals in the country with an amazing atmosphere. Let us know what you can offer us and what your requirements for us will be! We hope that we will find a common language and you will become our shark of getting additional orders! Until we hear from you!
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    KCE 1 deal
    Facebook Ads Specialist
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a specialist with experience, proficient in Facebook Ads environment. We need support at the strategic and analytical level. We are looking for someone to review current ads and plan a new or based on existing campaigns strategy for the coming weeks. We will provide texts and graphic creations prepared worthy of the guidelines.
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    GreenSoft 4 deals
    Adwords campaign optimizations
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the optimization of Adwords campaigns. The main goal is to improve the CTR of the quality of ads. The campaigns need to be cleaned up grouped etc. I am open to advice from someone more experienced More on priv.
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    Marcin z Grow My Tech 1 deal
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a social media / SEO outreach manager/specialist who would take care of my personal and company profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook. The primary aims are to distribute blog posts I write, and get valuable backlinks, but it's important to build relationships, network and get engaged with followers and potential followers on the profiles. The first task will be to create a project based on those two articles, which are rich in topics and provides actionable information to the users. Article no 1: https://www.growmy.tech/post/b2b-software-development Article no 2: https://www.growmy.tech/post/b2b-software-development-firm-target-audience-analysis-tools I estimate 20-40 social media posts for a single platform should happen, I count direct posts about blog posts, reshares, comments on other users' posts to get visibility, etc. Please visit my social media profile to learn what was the style of previous campaigns, as it should be a continuation with improvements :) Your scope is to: Create posts and reposts based on the articles Create graphics (single graphics, multiple graphics, carousels, simple infographics etc.) Create comments and reshares with comments to the posts of other users of the platforms Prepare and schedule the posts in Buffer Prepare and execute outreach campaign to distribute the content to influencers and potential clients Prepare and execute getting backlinks Squeeze my content to the maximum and use the maximum potential it gives, repurposes, and reuse Do video meetings during business hours Warsaw time zone Communicate on a regular basis I looking for a partner for long-term cooperation. Similar projects will happen every time new articles will land on the blog. Please send me: Example of profiles you were running to the time Your LI and FB profiles Information on how cooperation works with you Sample of idea how you would plan the posts - to the extent that I can feel your attitude Pricing
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    Justyna S.
    Running a YouTube channel + editing videos
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! :) We are looking for a person who can edit small works of art from finished videos and run a YouTube channel based on them. Not every day, so it's more of an extra job. What do we record about? In short- by camper through the world! :)
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Sklep sportowy
Job category:
Seo and social media
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
Valid until:

Job description

Do przygotowania jest pakiet treści dla sklepu w branży sportowej (wszystkie sporty, w tym specjalistyczne) z uwzględnieniem aspektów SEO.

- pakiet 100 opisów kategorii na 4k zzs według wytycznych i wskazanych fraz kluczowych

- pakiet 100 opisów marek na 2k zzs według prostych wytycznych

Treść poprawna językowo i stylistycznie, merytoryczna oraz oryginalna. Bez doboru zdjęć i linkowania.

Możliwa dłuższa i szersza współpraca z wybranymi wykonawcami.

Subject matter/industry:

Sklep sportowy, sporty zimowe, letnie, wodne, rowerowe, skating, fitness, bieganie i wiele innych specjalistycznych, w tym wędkarstwo czy sporty walki.

Type and number of texts: