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    We are looking for a person who will make the design of the image page of the company. Making a business card on the basis of a ready from the graphic and conceptual design. Page simple, without much functionality, five subpages.
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    Website - with calculators
    Proposed by freelancer
    I want to create a site dedicated to mathematics education. One of the heavier things to do on the site are calculators (I can program them myself in C++ if it is possible to connect the program with the site) and graph generators. In addition, there will be a lot of sub-pages, each math section will be explained separately in text form with pictures. I would like to move away from the typical wordpress template. In a later plan I would like to include login, online payments, interactive whiteboard. I am looking for a longer cooperation, not a one-time order. Feel free to send your portfolio and a quote.
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    Radeon 38 2 deals
    A site for the agro-industry.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a contractor for a site to house products. The number of categories at the moment is 10. I want the site to be clear and easy to use for the customer. I would like the main page to have promotions of the week one two products and show what for the next week is predicted and to automatically change. At this point I do not need payment systems or other things. I will answer more questions in private messages.
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    Monika Staśkowiak
    5 sites on WordPress (with elementor)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to work with on a regular basis to develop websites on wordpress (with elementor). I currently have about 5-10 simple, company websites per month to complete; home / about us / services / gallery / price list / contact. If you are interested, please send me on priv a link to your portfolio with a proposal for the price of implementation per 1 website.
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    Nicolas Semler 2 deals
    Good Morning, We are looking for permanent cooperation of people who have extensive experience in preparing websites based on Wordpress We create dedicated systems to support business events and sites based on Wordpress would be an additional complement to the content presented. We complete several to a dozen projects per year. As part of the cooperation, we expect to install the script, install the necessary plugins, adapt the layout of the site according to the client's external design using RWD principles. Websites are usually composed with onepager structure, sometimes there are additional 3-4 subpages. Programmers with experience in writing their own plugins and modifying existing ones are welcome. In the application, please send a link to the portfolio of completed projects, the price range for the implementation and the possible form of cooperation (B2B, UZ, UoD)
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    Rainbow Multimedia 1 deal
    For my client, I am looking for a Wordpress developer to undertake the modification of one of two booking plugins: Option 1 - Car Park Booking System for WordPress plugin. Things to do: 1. Make it possible to sort columns by arrival date and time (as standard, the plugin combines arrival/departure dates and times into one column, which has been broken into two separate columns - however, after numerous of our attempts, it was not possible to get these columns sorted correctly). 2. to make the system count only the date itself when selecting the billing method as "day", and the hours were purely for the information of the person who operates the reservation system. An example of the current operation: the customer selects dates and times for himself, but if he selects at the departure date an hour "earlier" than the arrival time (arrival date November 28 10:00, departure date November 29 8:00) the system will count it as 1 day, and the customer wants it to count as 2 days. 3. check that the list with all bookings is displayed correctly, the client reported that sometimes dublikats appear. Option 2 - VikRentalItems - free version.
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    knowledge needed: Bootstrap 4 Blade template system knowledge of webpack, mix or other such similar tool for compiling assets Links to documentation:
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    Konrad Bektowicz 1 deal
    Making a product subpage
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we will commission a product subpage in the Only professional style for each product we have in the offer will be about 20-25 of them, each product will be in One style so it is enough to make one such and then copy it to each product, we want it to be very professional and minimalist so that there is not too much information. the site is in wordpress
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    Tomasz Leszczyński
    I am looking for a person to install on the server a website, built by a developer, based on WordPress, but with custom built modules. The following technologies were used to build the site: php, wordpress, gulp, timber(twig), AngularJS 1.5, sass. Attached is a screen shot of the file repository. Please provide a quote.
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    Profit Partner
    Due to the large number of orders, I am looking for a subcontractor who can serve my customers. I procure the client. I install WordPress on the server, install paid plugins such as elementor, envanto, etc. Google support, ads and SEO on my side too. You get access to the site as an administrator. You get a contact to the client, you arrange the details with him yourself, you make the site according to the recommendations. The contract is signed for my company. When the client confirms the service, you get paid. You don't wait for the client to make the transfer, you just need the client to confirm that the service is completed.
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Web pages
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500.00 PLN

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Job description

I would like to create online registration for a dental office - a plug-in for a website with the possibility of booking appointments online

Required features

online registration

Preferable solution

ready solution/author's project. website in wordpress