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    Antal Sp. z o.o. 2 deals
    Dzień dobry, Szukam osoby, która będzie regularnie udostępniała posty na wskazanych grupach FB. Chodzi o ogłoszenia o pracę. Mam przygotowane treści postów oraz grafiki, Kwestia dodania się do grup i regularne udostępnianie oraz podbijanie postów.
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    HS PLUS 1100 deals
    We are a leading e-commerce sales company, defining the sector with its employees. We've already mastered Facebook, now we are moving onto TikTok. Can you help us? We are looking for a native Italian person who will work closely with us by helping us searching and coordinating communication with potential Italian content creators to showcase our products. The job will take you approximately 12-15 hours per week, keeping in mind that the number is flexible. If you're interested, we're more than happy to discuss all further details with you!
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    We need a person responsible for acquiring external links to our online store. We are keen on higher value links, but low value links are fine too. Let's say in 20/80 ratio (20% low value, 80% high value). Also, we do not want to end up on a link farm and we want the links to be acquired in a natural way, i.e. not 100 links per day, but for example 5-10 links per month. We are willing to learn about any offer concerning whispering on forums as well as acquiring external links from websites. If necessary, we can prepare some texts. Please provide price offers. Store for streetwear, sportswear, and fans. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Uploading videos to social media platforms
    Proposed by freelancer
    Daily posting of 1 video with short description e.g. "How to ride a bike" and fixed hashtags (rollerblades, shorts) on social networks TikTok, YT, Instagram rollerblading and relationships, Facebook rollerblading and relationships, Linkedin
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    Hello, I would like to establish long-term cooperation with a person who runs or has run Google Ads campaigns for the transport, forwarding (or related) industry and can boast of success in this field. I care about good results from the campaign, so the salary is of secondary importance to me. I am looking for someone for permanent cooperation. Our monthly budget for advertising is from 3 thousand to 10 thousand PLN per month (depending on the effectiveness of the campaign). In response to the ad, please write a few words about your experience with advertising in the transport and forwarding industry. Regards, Rafał
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    Homdo Nieruchomości 11 deals
    Napisanie tytułu z kluczowymi słowami - optymalna ilość. Przygotowanie opisu z uwzględnieniem fraz kluczowych - optymalna ilość. Przygotowanie listy tagów - optymalna ilość. Można też zgłosić wykonanie jednej z czynności lub wszystkich trzech. Proszę o podanie wyceny łącznie dla 3 filmów. Tematyka: finanse, nieruchomości, prowadzenie biznesu. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVk_Xgmqh5S3Qf9dDshBEKw
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    Agnieszka Ciach 1 deal
    Running Social Media Fb Ig Tiktok
    Proposed by freelancer
    Person to run Fb Ig Tiktok, video recording, roleplay, posts, graphics. Please quote for all 3 platforms, for a full month. Portfolio welcome
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    pka93 4 deals
    Link building stony
    Proposed by freelancer
    Potrzebuję pozyskać kilka linków do podstron komex.agro.pl. Zależy mi na pozyskaniu 3 linków live do każdej podstrony związanej ze skupem maszyn rolniczych. To znaczy do strony https://www.komex.agro.pl/skup-maszyn-rolniczych-warminsko-mazurskie/ potrzebuje trzech tematycznych żywych linków. I tak z każdą stroną związaną ze skupem maszyn na każde województwo. Jest ich 16. Proszę o podanie ceny za jeden tematyczny link live. Mile widziane doświadczenie poparte przykładami.
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    Facebook Pixel Configuration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I need to do Facebook Pixel configurations, the pixel is installed and working but it is not configured well, it is not sending full customer data on the web-store.
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    Monika11302 4 deals
    running Instagram for the brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello. I need a dedicated person to run Instragram for a brand in the toy industry
Job category:
Seo and social media
Expected budget:

1250.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
social media
Valid until:

Job description

90 obrazków reklamowych, które linkują do artykułów na joemonster.org

Type and number of texts:

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Kasia Danilewicz

2 deals
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • article
  • ... (+17)
Added: on 2022-01-21

Wilk Design

1 deal
  • dynamic banner
  • graphics
  • html5
  • ... (+7)
Added: on 2022-01-21

Dominika Repetto Czapska

4 deals
  • article
  • copywriting
  • social media
  • ... (+1)
Added: on 2022-01-21