minor modification of product filtering plugin, modification of css regarding images + modification of hreflang attribute on specific subpages

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I have some work to commission. It is about a WP based site with woocommerce module, running as wordpress Multisite.

1. I have a plugin for filtering products and it works in such a way that after selecting a particular filter combination, for example (category) shoes + sports (filter), not only are shown the relevant products, but also for this particular subpage changes the meta title, meta description, H1 title and text under the products. If I choose a set of filters, for which there is no seo rule, the lower description is not changed, but deleted.

At least that's how it should work, but because my template was not 100% compatible with the plugin, it had to be corrected.

Plugin creator corrected it on my template and it works as expected, but he did it only for product category pages. Instead, I want this to work on product tag pages as well, as well as on categories and blog tags.

There is code (in functions.php) that improves the performance on product category pages, so feel free to suggest it.

2 - I use Gutenberg Builder. On one of the subpages I have added 4 images in a row and I would like this block to be modified (I think in css) so that on mobile it makes a carousel (without any scroll bars, arrows etc). The effect I want to achieve on mobile is the first photo and a piece of the second photo, so that the user himself can scroll horizontally. I want this carousel to be lightweight and not slow down the page and preferably to implement it without additional plugins.

As for the desktop, I would also like this carousel and a minimalist bar for horizontal scrolling under the images.

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