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    Michał 2 deals
    Wordpress website
    Proposed by freelancer
    29d Something like that. I want a site like that in the same industry
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    CATERING website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have my hosting at: Type of page is: Business card + news What functionalities should the website have? * Floating button with contact. * Contact form * Gallery/galleries (serving for example as a portfolio) * Package of marketing tools (including Google Analytics plug-in - to be determined individually) I have a logo in electronic version (it is a graphic file (pdf, svg, ai, psd, png, jpg etc.) PHOTOS are to be purchased from an image bank. TEXTS are to be created for the website from scratch. What subpages should the website have? * home page, contact, gallery, references to other pages How many subpages will the website have? * about 4-5 Examples of pages that we think are interesting: Color combinations considered most appropriate? * a shade of blue like it is in the company logo or a shade of it 2-3 pages that we like: - the aspect of colors from the logo simple clear page which is also important for us Required features (e.g. html + php + mysql, responsive website, adjusted to modern browsers and mobile devices; preparation for SEO ) * website has to be graphically stable and fully functional on smartphone and adapted to today's standards Additional information: ability to quickly edit the site and expand it at any time Final Terms: - The Contractor shall provide the Client with a warranty of 3 months post-implementation technical support, in which the Contractor agrees to fix, at his own expense, glaring errors that do not allow normal use of the website. - All rights are to pass to the Principal - based on CMS: WordPress, (html + php + mysql, responsive website, adapted to modern browsers and mobile devices). - The website will have a Contact Form 7 + Recapchta
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    Well laid out HTML/CSS template
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! I have two projects in my head that I would like to do in the future (not at all near future). One is lighter and even simple. Rather onepager, the other will already be based on users, so user panel, ad search engine etc. I don't require JS, jquery or anything for any of them. I'm not an enemy but I think CSS3/LESS/SCSS is rich enough that we can live without JS. What I require is clarity of this template because I'm going to dress it up in Django later, so I need order in CSS styles, orderly layout so I don't have to get frustrated later and spend half my life reading StackOverflow on how to add or change this or that :) Websites don't have to be the most beautiful in the world. Their purpose is more utilitarian than artistic. However, we have to keep some level there. And of course it has to be RWD. If you want to talk about it and you like writing clean, structured code, you are welcome. The project has no deadline. We don't have to rush it anywhere.
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    Michał Bogaczewicz 1 deal
    Fixing an error on the page. The page does not display pictures.
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    Alchemia 4 deals
    I would like to upload a new skin to an existing website based on WordPress along with a complete transfer and adjustment of data to this skin. The service contains about 30 subpages.
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    The Code Brothers
    Commission a website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order a website, 4-5 subpages, home page, about the company, portfolio (gallery for 2-3 pictures with description), contact, job offers. 2 language versions: Polish and English. There is no requirement as to the technology, but it should preferably be WordPress (there is a possibility to choose a ready-made template that we have pre-selected). I will provide the content.
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    HSA 20 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a responsible person who will be able to make corrections, add new content, delete, and create new graphics.
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    WordPress website development
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website in WordPress. I own the hosting and the domain. I know how I want the site to look like, I will provide specific guidelines (I even have a specific scheme in wordpress that I like - it's about a relatively simple template a'la blog with my small photo at the top of the page). At this point I'm talking about making a homepage with 3 additional subpages - 'about me', 'contact' and 'training'. I will provide all the text for each subpage. I will care about integrating payments and including the possibility of buying the product (course). I want the order to be completed quickly. I ask for a price for the whole project, not for hours of work (if you give me an hourly price, please include estimated time of order completion).
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    Takeshi 2 deals
    Changes mainly in buddyPress and wordpress in system etc. Plus adding some new elements. We have a list on trello that we are working with. Give preferably hourly rates.
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    Monika Baszczuk
    A simple website with a description of services and contact information. It can be a website created in wordpress. Implementation time: one week
2 deals
Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Preferable skills:
online shop
web development
web site
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Job description

I need a website with such functionality, the most important thing is that each person could create offers, selling the commission for the sold product was taken, there was an account where funds are collected for the sold items and the possibility of clicking auto payout, it's very general, but I think you know what's going on more or less the rest are details, please give me a quote

Preferable solution

Wordpress may be indifferent, as long as it has functionalities and the website is durable, you have to design everything from scratch

Required features

- payments - creating and editing offers - account for the seller and the buyer - announcements - commission for the sold virtual item - live chat - the site is translated into Polish if someone has a Polish ip - possibility to choose the currency