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    Optima Business 20 deals
    Creative presentation PDF
    350.00 PLN
    A creative PDF presentation that is an offer for a consulting service. Length: 6-8 pages Format: A4 Subject: artificial intelligence Document for display, not print. Materials include content, visual identity and sample presentation. Preparation time is 3-4 days.
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    Designing a logo
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a logo design for a local news web portal. The portal has been in operation for several years, but needs a major logo change/rebranding. The logo is to consist of a sigil and a logotype and is to be in line with current trends. It is important that it contains one element that can be duplicated when designing subsequent "logos" for other portals. Thus, we look forward to a longer cooperation, also in the future in the design of a new version of the portal.
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    We are looking for a person to help create a product catalog of mattresses for us with graphics and descriptions of models and prepare for printing and design/modify the company logo. Longer cooperation and other projects possible.
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    We have a logo that we need to convert and change to curves ready for printing
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    bogumila 10 deals
    I am looking for a person who will insert photos of products such as furniture, chairs armchairs into photos of rooms (living room, garden etc). I would like the effect to be as close to natural as possible.
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    michalp 1 deal
    UI/UX designer for permanent cooperation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a UI/UX designer to support web and mobile application design in figma. I am running 2 projects that are mainly based on material design and MUI component library. Both projects have been developed by programmers for some time, but there are changes and new requests from clients that I need help with. Please quote me an hourly rate
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    SkyUP Consulting 11 deals
    Graphics for mobile game
    300.00 PLN
    I will commission graphics for a mobile game: 1. adding a pattern to the background of the game on the phone, 2 facebook cover photo design according to my guidelines: colorful lettering(s) (different fonts) + block elements + possibly some small addition, but without drawing characters etc.
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    Laskowski Online 10 deals
    One-page instructions
    300.00 PLN
    I need to create a one-page assembly manual based on the current manual. I am anxious for time.
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    Curling Łodź Sp. z o.o.
    Catalog Redesign
    Proposed by freelancer
    Redesign of the existing catalog of sports integration events. Preparation of pdf version (two language versions: Polish and English) and for printing (Polish language only). We provide a large number of photos for possible use in the project. The task requires the creation of a new illustration showing how to dress for curling (vide: page 10 of the current catalog). Deadline for completion: by October 25.
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    Agnieszka Ciach 4 deals
    Convert pdf to epub
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a finished ebook in pdg ichce convert w to epub. I will ask for a quote for the task and the speed of completion - I care about time :)
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Job category:
Graphic projects
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Preferable skills:
bussines card
layout design
layout design
web design
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Job description

Samoobsługowa przechowalnia bagażu z Krakowa szuka osoby na stałą współpracę, która na podstawie istniejącego brandingu wesprze nas w social mediach, stworzy stronę internetową od nowa, logo oraz zaprojektuje baner, ulotki, reklamy, grafiki, naklejki na szafki.

W późniejszym etapie pomoże w stworzeniu filmików reklamowych i instruktażowych/szkoleniowych.

Szukamy kreatywnej, niezależnej osoby, który stworzy spójną koncepcję wizualną, uwzględniając nasze wymagania i preferencje.

Jesteśmy małą firmą, na etapie rozwoju i nadchodzącej przeprowadzki, dlatego budżet na projekt mamy ograniczony, jednak współpraca będzie stała i możemy coś wynegocjować, aby każda strona była usatysfakcjonowana.

Tutaj można zobaczyć na czym polega ten biznes:

Type and number of projects:

Na początek będziemy potrzebować: - zaprojektowanie prostej, przejrzystej witryny (projekt na drzwi wejściowe) - ulotka informacyjna o zmianie lokalizacji - drobna przeróbka logo Pozostałe rzeczy na kolejnym etapie współpracy.