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    7H9. TECH
    Style design of robot coffee points
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order consists of a stylistic design of autonomous coffee points equipped with a robot-barista, inspired by the idea of Cafe X (https://cafexapp.com/).
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    I am looking for a constructor for permanent cooperation, who would do projects for me after consultation. Projects of various , made preferably in SolidWorks. Projects of devices or elements of devices. Ideally, it should be a person from the vicinity of Poznan - so that there is a possibility of a meeting once in a while, discuss the effects or see the elements and devices made on the basis of the projects.
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    webmotion 34 deals
    modification of blender models
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission modifications of a ready-made Blender model - flyer mockup to other formats. The current one is a rectangle - need a different shape - scene unchanged - possible to move the object centrally under the render frame. Possibility of modification via remote desktop.
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    Commissioning a design project
    Proposed by freelancer
    The subject of the order is the design and possible cooperation in the development of a prototype of a smart shopping cart with consideration of the needs of people with disabilities.
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    We are looking for a freelance artist to do a dedicated futuristic fantasy style illustration using a neon theme. (Inspiration e.g. https://bit.ly/inspiracja_lab_futuryzm ) The theme is a deep tech studio with a lab, a machinery park of microscopes and nano-scale manufacturing equipment where we discover breakthrough technologies. The graphic design will be used to mark gadgets, quality clothing given to employees on various occasions. The illustration is to add value, testify to the uniqueness of the item. Part of the work is to be a good interpretation of the organization, to translate this into an image that will create an association with us for employees, but without using a logo or name. We would like to see a portfolio of the artist's work in a particular style and know the (at least preliminary) quote for the cooperation.
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    Michał Będkowski 1 deal
    I will commission to create 3d designs of mountain models for cnc milling machine. I would like the models to be simplified but as much as possible in profile to resemble mountains from the crown of the world. I need a design preview and a stl format batch file for verification. After successful order, more projects are waiting.
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    Marek Towarek
    Need 3d animation - instructions for the installation of the fence. Below I send a video based on which the instruction is to be made: https://youtu.be/HElJu559CXI and a sample style of animation: https://youtu.be/dKUPgiHau-Y The order includes: Making the necessary models, texturing, animation, and render. Please send me a PORTFOLIO (preferably including similar orders) and an IMPROVED PRICE for the service.
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    Preparation of product renders
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order renders for advertising products on entrusted 3D models
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    Karolina10 1 deal
    I will commission the design of a coherent collection of loft style office furniture based on the guidelines/products already existing from our catalog. Furniture such as desks, dressers, bookcases, pedestals - several pieces of furniture consistent with each other visually - shape, design, etc.
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    proman77 2 deals
    Visualization of a small house
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need 3 shots from the outside of one building from the attachment with a small car in the driveway, a letterbox, on the side e.g. a tomato bush, a vine, a box with geraniums, etc. On the side near the ground an air conditioner or heat pump, a dog, there may also be a man ;-) Nice sky, sunny weather, swallows, a feeling of coziness ;-) Eventually there will be several different buildings next to each other, between them an internal road made of openwork pavers, in front of the house a driveway and a sidewalk made of pavers. The attached photo shows an aerial view of these houses. Ultimately, after the client's approval, there will also be an order for visualization of the middle.
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Hello, I am looking for a available person for permanent cooperation in graphics on social media, advertising banners, banners for the website and various occasional works. Sometimes more ambitious projects. I depend on the person to be available, preferably having whatsap, signal communicator, where I can write what I need and for example in 1-2 days is ready. Most in accordance with the key visual and fonts of the brand.

Above all, I care about a very high quality of work.

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Social media graphics Banners