Individual design of a dwelling house with service part in the first floor of the building

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- based on the spatial development plan: - Resolution No. L 559 2002 - area marked as 8MN

- area of 250 m2,

- separate valuation of: architecture and construction

- All elements required for the building permit - without a specific description of sanitary, heating and electrical installations - will be done by the contractors - for the building acceptance.

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    I would like to design an apartment for a couple for educational purposes (not construction or use for renovation purposes, etc). The projection taking into account the installation, and lighting layout, projection of the floor layout, views of selected walls 1:20, a table of materials and links to them
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    I am commissioned to complete the concept of the reception desk in a beauty salon. Part of the reception area is done, part is to be done, drawn up along with selection of finishing materials. This is unfinished work of the previous contractor, we can do it online on the basis of photos and drawings.
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    I am looking for an interior designer to do a full detailed design for the interior of the house and a shopping list for this project. The house is 93m2 with an attic totaling 130m2. Please send portfolio of projects done personally and price list. Offers without portfolio will not be considered