I would like to process and scrap product photos - 120to 150 photos are involved. Products from the category with hinges and sliders.

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    Product Images
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    I have photos to take advertising a healthy snack for a child. I need a few (up to 10) product photos where the snack will be placed in a suitable arrangement on a table/light background.
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    nanoo 9 deals
    I would like to commission a photo shoot of a technical device (printer) for the website and marketing materials. We are interested in taking about 40 shots of the device and its components. The device is possible to transport (dimensions about 1500x800x500mm, weight about 80kg)
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    I will commission to take photos of dishes for a recipe website. The offer should include: - purchase of the necessary ingredients to make the recipe; - preparation of a dish based on a previously received recipe; - series of photographs showing the implementation of the dish step by step; - minimalistic styling of the dish. Long term cooperation.
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    I am looking for a photographer + nice interior to take some arrangement photos. The products to be photographed are wall decoration- acoustic panel in the form of a rosette, in several colors. Please quote a price for 1 photo
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    Krzysztofff 1 deal
    I am looking for a person to cooperate (product photography) preferably from the area of Upper Silesia (it is not a necessary condition). I ask for only serious offers for product photography along with prices for each type of photo pln/piece (spirit, flat, on a mannequin).
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Marketing Domax
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Hello. I would like to process and prepare product photos. 120 to 150 photos are involved. Products from the hinges and sliders category. We (Dymax company) will provide photos. The photos resolution 4016 x 6016 output files in NEF/RAW format. The target file format that we expect is one 4016 x 6016 (photos have already been cropped)PSD file and another 2500 x 2500 containing cropped product taking up about 80% of the photo (photos have already been cropped) also PSD file.

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