I will order to prepare a proposal for the decoration of the interior of the room (specifically the wall).

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    AIRLAN TS 2 deals
    Redrawing the floor plans of the building as attached Expected result: - dwg file format - scale 1:50 - use of layers (walls, stairs, windows, doors , descriptions) - rewriting of all descriptions (solo layer) - each floor is a floor in the case of creation of a 3D block of the building on the basis of the plans, offers additional payment (2x)
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    Kasia Porada
    Design work dissecting ideas for installations .I do not require a graphic design , you can add preview photos of inspiration. Need decoration elements for walls and over doors
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    Looking for an architect/interior designer to prepare an idea for a very modern exhibition center with lots of greenery, trees, shrubs. The space will eventually be for 50-80 exhibitors. Imagination is the limit. This is only a concept so, we are to prepare such a center which will be in the climate of the 2100s.
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    Interior design of a single-family house
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am starting to build a single-family house and am looking for help with the interior design. There is an entire layout to be designed (-boiler room of course), this gives +/- 85/90sqm of space. I would need a full design, both functional layouts, arrangements and a list of sample materials/furniture/design elements.
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    I will be happy to provide details by phone and send relevant documentation.
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    I will commission investor visualizations of a production hall (simple body, sandwich panel technology) with an office area, along with the situation (parking, small architecture, outline of neighboring buildings) based on a 3D model, design drawings, photographic documentation from a drone.
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    I would like to commission a 3d model of a production hall (simple solid, sandwich panel technology) with an office part and possibly marking the surrounding elements (parking, small architecture). The file must be editable (applying the color layout of the sandwich panels to the model), Archicad preferred.
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He needs the help of a designer who would advise on the choice of decorations based on a photo of the room.