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    Kamil Szymoniak
    Hello, I need to extend my ERP system (Subiekt Nexo Pro) with a plugin that will check the order completion status or its status in the program and in case of full merchandise coverage or status R - Full merchandise reservation, it will send information to baselinker to move the order to a specific status. In addition, I also need a plug-in that will automatically generate invoices/receipts in Subiect Nexo Pro and send them to baselinker for the customer after the order is packed.
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    Wes William 1 deal
    I have a couple of different jobs to order (involve different sites): 1.Making a fix in the mailing module, the module works is a glitch that prevents sending, web form in PHP. 2.A simple foundation website ( informational). 3.Scraping script to collect 10 types of data from one information site, preferentially Python. 4. A simple module that locates people relative to each other, based on Google maps (can be an implementation of an existing ready-made component). 5. a script that pulls photos into an online store and gets data from the name of the photo (that is, in the name of each photo has a specific format, 4 types of data). Wordpress is out. 6. payment module for multiple recipients. Recipients log in, enter event and account data. Please provide a full or partial offer.
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    Good day, I am looking for a person who will be able to integrate my store on the Shoper platform with the software for product customization - zakeke.com. I am looking to include a plug-in in the store that will allow full product customization. Finding another system with the same functionality will be an option. I encourage you to make an offer. :)
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    I will commission a small online store
    Proposed by freelancer
    As in the title. Currently, for budgetary reasons, the store is hung on the wix platform. Despite the ease of use of adding products, the store is not integrated with Polish payment plugins. Currently, the site looks like this: www.mystiqflare.com What do I care about? (If I use unprofessional vocabulary, please forgive me) - CMS - I can add products myself at any time - 3-5 sub-pages, with the possibility to duplicate them - newsletter signup - options when selecting a product (size) - blog tab ( easy to use) - automation - sending an email after placing/sending an order -pay plus shipping plugins -tracking of visits to the site -English version of the site - contact form -discount codes Optional: -possibility to include other language options at a later time - maybe other things that I didn't think of but are important.
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    Kamil Peisert
    I would like to ask for an offer to finish a store project on wordpress. The website has to contain - information part, online store integrated with inpost, popular payments including Blik. Another thing - a blog and the last thing possibly the most intuitive contact form. As far as the details of the store are concerned - products on one VAT rate, shipping only by inpost - parcel machines / courier prepaid / courier collection / personal collection. Customers are to be acquired mainly from social media - fb and ig + google ads. I want to edit and add products in the store by myself. I'm looking for a person / company that will not only do, but also advise whether the solutions I've chosen are adequate to the business. Link to started project: http://www.fantazjedrewniane.pl/ The server is bought on SeoHost.pl, two domains and SSL. The whole is to promote the sale of wooden articles such as ornaments, gifts, semi-finished products for handicrafts. You can see some of it on fb/ig - fantazjedrewniane or https://allegro.pl/uzytkownik/Kamillus123 The business is a 2-person operation, so the costs of 5-10 thousand of course I can not afford, especially nowadays - I will thank you for this offer. Thank you in advance for your time, I will contact the people who will send me the most satisfactory offers. Kamil Peisert
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    I order a store - original car parts
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission an online store to develop my current online sales. I am in the business of selling genuine used auto parts. I currently have about 10000 items on offer. I am looking for a store contractor who will offer convenient and innovative solutions for the given assortment, which will allow customers to do more comfortable and complete shopping than in the Allegro portal, which is a leading place of selling car parts. I completely reject making a store with only the assortment offered so far. Considering that the manufacturer has about 2000000 parts 10000 that we have on offer is too small a number for customers to be interested in visiting our store. In case of additional questions I remain in contact, I will be happy to talk. Best regards
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    KamilPly 1 deal
    Store shoper + bookmark
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I have 2 orders, the first is to build a store on shoper from scratch, the store is already set on the old dedyku, you need to make it from scratch on shoper. The second order is to add a bookmark on a ready-made store set on shoper, it is about a simple landing as a bookmark on the page (page diagram, hyperlinks in tiles). I need a quote, after a successful implementation, we can establish a longer permanent cooperation.
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    The order includes complex optimization of a store based on CMS WooCommerce. Theme: Shoptymizer Editor: Gutenberg
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    Home goods online store on wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I would like to design an online store with air purifiers
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    Green Soul MS
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi. I am looking for someone to take care of my "Thank You Page" in WordPress - online store. I also need to connect the store with FB and IG and verify the correctness of sending emails to customers after purchase, the purchase path and generally the whole service correctness. Thanks.
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AB Bechcicki
1 deal
Job category:
Online shops
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Valid until:

Job description

Tasks - what needs to be done.

Environment preparation

- downloading template files, addon codes

- preparing the program to handle tasks for the project

- installing online visit registration tool


- code correctness verification, preparing a report with optimization recommendations

- Verification of errors indicated in external reports like google insight together with preparation of a report with recommendations

- preparation of a summary and instructions with recorded online visits for the Employer's evaluation

- verification of Idosell's gov. works with respect to our needs, their common points, but also the correctness of implementation

- establishing the work plan and possibly a list of additional tasks resulting from the conducted analysis


- Changing the menu1 to hide categories and display them only when interacting (hovering/clicking - to be determined). The change will apply to all subpages of the store at once.

- introduction of bookmarks from the user-managed content on the product card e.g. Description / Specification / Downloads / Warranty

- removing information that is irrelevant to the user, duplicated or incorrect (e.g. reviews, additional hotspot)

- setting up possible automation in terms of generating content for the product card, e.g. additional description depending on the manufacturer, parameter, name, etc.

- paging additional articles from the blog in order to optimize page weight

- adding a slider to the hotspot to show more products, while not sacrificing space on the page

- alignment of containers so that the width of the elements on the page were unified and optimized

- preparing a new template for the product card, including technology content


- Target use of product card information in the marketplace. Detailed arrangements for partner services, shared content, and data export

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

analysis, mobile version,

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