I will commission work on the front end of the store on IaI engine

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Valid until:

Job description

Tasks - what needs to be done.

Environment preparation

- downloading template files, addon codes

- preparing the program to handle tasks for the project

- installing online visit registration tool


- code correctness verification, preparing a report with optimization recommendations

- Verification of errors indicated in external reports like google insight together with preparation of a report with recommendations

- preparation of a summary and instructions with recorded online visits for the Employer's evaluation

- verification of Idosell's gov. works with respect to our needs, their common points, but also the correctness of implementation

- establishing the work plan and possibly a list of additional tasks resulting from the conducted analysis


- Changing the menu1 to hide categories and display them only when interacting (hovering/clicking - to be determined). The change will apply to all subpages of the store at once.

- introduction of bookmarks from the user-managed content on the product card e.g. Description / Specification / Downloads / Warranty

- removing information that is irrelevant to the user, duplicated or incorrect (e.g. reviews, additional hotspot)

- setting up possible automation in terms of generating content for the product card, e.g. additional description depending on the manufacturer, parameter, name, etc.

- paging additional articles from the blog in order to optimize page weight

- adding a slider to the hotspot to show more products, while not sacrificing space on the page

- alignment of containers so that the width of the elements on the page were unified and optimized

- preparing a new template for the product card, including technology content


- Target use of product card information in the marketplace. Detailed arrangements for partner services, shared content, and data export

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

analysis, mobile version,

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