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    YouPromo 34 deals
    Zlecę instalację i konfigurację serwera pod skrypt mailwizz. Posiadam w sumie dedyk, ale nie jestem pewien czy serwer, na którym funkcjonuje serwis, będzie dobrym rozwiązaniem. Dlaczego osoba, która zna się dodatkowo na e-mail marketingu mile widziana.
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    Web Analyst
    140.00 PLN
    As a Web Analyst you will be involved in implementing best practices in understanding on-site visitor behavior and experiences to better understand its users, and reporting back with easy-to-understand data visualizations and clear solutions. The role plays a critical centralized function through working with front-end developers, analytics professionals, and businesses. The Web Analyst at Displate leverages novel cloud technologies and tools to robust, scalable, and reliable tracking solutions for business optimization. Key Responsibilities: - Owning measurement plans and ensuring the website is correctly tagged and web data collection is working as designed - Collaborating with members of the reporting, digital, marketing, UX, and product teams to provide actionable insights on the performance of digital channels, marketing campaigns, and website funnels - Providing insights on improving the sales funnel, customer LTV, margin, and much more - Improving the way the data is captured, processed, and transferred within web analytics tools and services - Creating data visualizations to present analytical findings (Power BI preferred, but experience with other tools is good to go) Requirements: - minimum 3 years (mid) or 5 years (senior) professional experience in the field of Web Analytics or developing analytics tools for tracking user behavior - Practical knowledge of GA, GTM, SQL - Good understanding of Document Object Model and HTML/CSS - Practical experience in JS for web analytics (senior, for mid: nice-to-have) - Openness to learning new technologies and cloud platforms - Analytical thinking, inquisitiveness, and attention to detail - Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
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    The assignment will be to lift up a ban on business card in Google Maps. I have tried for a long time but it did not work. Maybe there is a specialist here who can do it? For unknown reasons, Google has suspended us and all attempts to lift up the ban on my own have failed. I am looking for a specialist who will undertake such an order.
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    Krayna Sp. z o.o.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need help with the integration with ZALANDO. I have a basic question , have any of you gone down the path of integration with zalando in the Beauty industry ?
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    Dagmara Koniuszewska
    Stripe does not distribute payments to partners. For example: Partner1 created an account with us, listed and sold a product. The whole amount from the transaction goes to our Stripe account (we only take % from the sale). There is no money on your Stripe account.
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    Fundacja Kierunkowskaz 22 deals
    🌐Junior / Mid SharePoint (Visual) Developer 🌐. Looking for a 3 months contact for a US corporation - ASAP - 100% REMOTE 🌀Job Description: SharePoint/Eco System content page creation Creation of public pages - Slick Design e.g. newsletters linked to SharePoint pages Creation of SharePoint content linked to other GTO data/technologies Connections/Integration between Sway/Wiki/SharePoint Understanding the capabilities and limitations of SharePoint - Sway pages - Wikis - Surveys/feedback - Maps/Index - Expiration date/document age Administration of SharePoint site(s) Documentation of implemented solutions 🌀 Responsibilities: As needed for key tasks for the work unit: Timely building of SharePoint sites, Sway sites, placing content in the right place, graphical placement of content of all kinds: images, videos, text. 🌀 Essential Qualifications: - SharePoint designer/engineer - Graphic design skills - Experience/knowledge of corporate branding - Understanding of SharePoint capabilities and limitations 🌀 Skills/Education: - Sharepoint 365 - Graphic design applications (Photoshop/Illustrator) - Graphic design or other field that indicates knowledge of current SharePoint suite and graphic design skills Regards, Katarzyna Grucel Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - having a valid student ID (for pupils/students up to 26 years old) - a confirmed statement of employment for at least the minimum wage - you have a business activity
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    DamianD. 8 deals
    Google Merchant Center rejected all my products due to Invalid value of [country (sub attribute of [delivery] attribute)] help_outline - I have not changed anything in the listing, google, delivery information. I need a paid consultation on how I can fix this problem.
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    MariuszKa 16 deals
    I am ordering instructions to implement GA4 in an online store. We are currently using UA and GTM, data is sent via data layer. I will implement it myself, I just need help:)
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    Lokotoko 20 deals
    I will commission to add about 2000 auctions from the links of the supplier, each link has a similar scheme, for the auction we need a picture and a piece of text that is only "product composition" sample links: www.selgr.pl/44516250 www.selgr.pl/44703593 the product price is taken from the same line as the product link. Apart from that, you should set daily automatic price change on the product auctions based on the .xml - mapping after the product code. On the basis of the same file, the automat shall switch off the auction if the stock reaches 0.
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    Advanced KeyCloak configuration.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning. We are looking for support on advanced KeyCloak configuration. We use this solution to integrate our internally developed applications. A new use case has emerged that needs to be addressed within our KeyCloak instance. We need commercial external support (consulting feasibility study and preparing possible ways of implementation).
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Other IT services
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Job description

We are looking for a PCB designer who specializes in wireless charging technologies and has experience with the QI protocol. We will order:

- making the IOT device board, about 90% of the prototype assumptions work and are checked. (We do not rule out starting the project from scratch)

- make a wireless charger for this device.

Place or location:

Remote / Nowy Sącz

Required functions:

PCB design Microcontrollers ESP32

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Dariusz Adamczyk

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Added: on 2021-12-03

Marcin Lesiński

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  • domain name
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Added: on 2021-11-29

Dawid Zbiżek

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Added: on 2021-11-24