I am looking for a translator for Czech and Slovak and to add entries to the website

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    I need someone who knows Dutch at a proficient level, someone who has interacted with the language and will be able to translate so that a person who lives in the Netherlands entering this website will not have any doubts. I have a website that has 2 sub-pages, everything is in Polish and I want it to be 1:1 in Dutch. There is no room for linguistic, grammatical and stylistic errors because it might scare away potential customers. Everything must be as if it were a Dutch site from scratch. Must be a person who has interacted with the language and preferably lived in the Netherlands for a long time and interacted with Dutch websites/webshops.
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500.00 PLN

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I am looking for a freelance person who will translate ready-made texts - agricultural industry into Czech and Slovak - to translate is the entire website https://lstractor.eu/ and immediately add this content in wordpress - we do not want translations from gpt chat or deepl, because this we could do ourselves :) the content must be grammatically correct, keep the sense.

Please in your reply confirm your knowledge of Czech and Slovak, your knowledge of wp and your price, as well as the time of implementation(we need asap).

Type and number of texts:

http://ls-tractor.pl/ all into Slovak and Czech

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from Polish into Czech and Slovak