I am looking for a contractor for a mini application that can be placed on a website based on wordpress.

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I need a solution that combines:

- interactive forms, surveys,

- great editability for the user.

Currently, I am only able to present a solution by drawing it in excel:



- on the WordPress website in code or embedded,

- as an admin, I can create such interactive forms with buttons, switches, defined lists. And in such a ready version I put on the website,

- the effect as under the link, i.e. the user has a lot of form editability - he can add / subtract lines, but the goal is to make it easy to fill in, 3 data to enter, 4 clicks and it's ready,

- clouds or question marks with an explanation of each line will also be useful (this is not included in the screen),

So, to summarize:

- admin creates such an interactive form with filled content,

- the user adds his data to the places intended for this - completes or ends sentences, inserts numbers, selects from the available options, clicks on buttons,

- depending on what is completed and what he clicks, the form responds to it with coded logic, e.g. shows subsequent lines, gives other fields to choose from,

- the change by the user is visible to him, he can send his answers, but everyone sees this form prepared by the administrator.

Graphically, I imagine that you can somehow style it and make responsive versions, but I would do it after preparing the functionality, so for now please define the functionality, not the view.

It is important that the visitors' responses are saved somewhere - in some database/file.

Required functions:

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