Hello need a person is to integrate an online store with Allegro along with creating the look and layout for allegro

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Hello need a person is to integrate an online store with Allegro along with creating the look and layout for allegro

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    Unique Moments Sp. z o.o.
    We are looking for a programmer to make improvements to a travel agency website written using PHP and the ZEND framework. The required corrections mainly concern backend mechanisms and related cosmetic changes in the frontend (HTML + JS). We require experience working in PHP using the ZEND framework at a level that allows you to smoothly navigate a project written using it. The order is for a few separate fixes (e.g. adding or removing search filters, extending the scope of the search engine for listings, fixing bugs related to loading listings) with the possibility of further cooperation in the future. The cooperation can be regular.
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    KONEKO 16 deals
    The goal is to create and modify existing blocks for a WordPress-based site in conjunction with the ACF Pro plugin
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    Pemicont 1 deal
    A manufacturer of garden fences is looking for a programmer to prepare a program or application responsible for communication with an external portal based on the EDIFACT Standard. The work will include: Import of orders placed on the portal Exporting data to the program responsible for packaging products Export of shipment data to the portal from which the data was downloaded We have the necessary EDIFACT documentation at our disposal
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    Paweł Góralik 5 deals
    Hello, I will commission to write a parser to retrieve email addresses from Google based on phrases from a text file. The script is to go to the site and retrieve all available emails. As simple and fastest possible implementation. I am very much interested in sending offers and quotes.
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    Hi! A site (job board) based on the Laravel framework. For the moment to embrace: - to the existing invoicing module (including PDF generation) add in the backend the ability to define the VAT rate (currently there is only net, no gross) + display it along with the recalculated price on the frontend, - TinyMCE - removing selected items from the editor menu in the backend, - tracing in the code and successfully removing 1 button in the frontend module on the home page, - on the basis of the existing module, write an additional one, allowing to list selected categories and/or specific ads on the subpage; the existing module currently lists all ads. After the changes, providing a summary of which files have undergone what changes. PS. If this stage is successful, possible further long-term cooperation.
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    Hello, welcome high school / college students who know their way around [JS and its derivatives] and for a small amount of money will do some modifications to scripts (running on Firefox in the GreaseMonkey extension) created by previous developers. First and foremost is the downloading of some data from subpages to the home page. Some of them will have to be additionally calculated beforehand (simple calculations - addition/subtraction/multiplication/division/%), before appearing on that main page. Greetings
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    Creating the elements and sending to the queue. From queue to converyor and create three processors. From the processors to the queue to create carts that move this to the racks.
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    Jagoda Stelmachowicz
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order 3 examples of switch configuration
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    Invision Community forum script update
    Proposed by freelancer
    Upgrade of the Invision Community forum script from version 4.4.7 to the latest version, optimization, checking the working forum, possible adjustment of graphics to the new version of the script.
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    I am looking for a man who is able to write a program / script under windows that will perform a certain action (firing a URL) after someone scans an RFID card / key ring in a reader connected to the computer.