Extension of the web application with a new bundle in PHP Symfony

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The subject of the announcement is cooperation on the project with a permanently employed developer. Availability 6h-8h a day for 1 or 2 months is welcome. Necessary experience min. 2 years in Symfony and min. 4 years in general web development. Billing based on an hourly rate. The purpose of the new module will be to accept large XML files, parse them, execute database queries on them, return query reports and visualize them. Currently, the application has core functionalities and three modules (bundles). More information about the company and the project below.

Company overview

IT9 is consulting company in the areas of IT, process automation, project management advisory. IT9 is also a software provider for business process robotization, as well as reg-tech, tax-tech, and legal-tech solutions provider. https://it9.com.pl/

Project overview

• Web application for taxes helping to process financial data and create tax declarations.

• Many inputs are CSV files and output are mostly XML files.

• Processing of data is being done in a queue as the size of files can be huge, especially for input XML files that can be even 10GB files. However, the standard CSV files are up to 1MB.

Technology stack

• Single-tenant SaaS application using MVC design pattern

• PHP 7.4+ with Composer, Symfony 5

• MySQL database (compatible with Doctrine ORM)

• RabbitMQ (Enqueue Bundle) + supervising of consumer processes

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