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    Renewable energy industry calculator
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to make me an Excel calculator for pricing heat pumps, photovoltaics, thermal upgrades. I have ready demo, formulas, etc. I need someone to figure it out from the beginning and put it together.
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    Piotr 2 deals
    Cześć, poszukujemy specjalisty z zakresu rozliczeń z Mall, który pomoże nam zweryfikować poprawność rozliczeń z tym serwisem - dostarczymy dokumenty za przykładowy 1miesiąc (60 rekordów). Zadanie polega na porównaniu dokumentów wymienianych między firmą sprzedażową w Polsce a Mall, sprawdzeniu wartości $ i poprawności rozliczanego podatku.
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    grs-office 27 deals
    Virtual assistant with English.
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    We are a company in the construction industry and we are looking for a virtual assistant for permanent cooperation. Requirements: - fluency in English, - daily time availability during standard working hours. Objectives: - controlling deadlines, - piloting cases, - completing data in systems, - Implementing topics / self-tasks assigned by the supervisor, e.g. searching for data and companies to cooperate with, e-mail and telephone contacts with companies, collecting quotes, creating statements. 100% remotely. Tools we use: - Asana - Whatsapp - Google Drive In your offer, please include: - your time availability during the day and week, - information about your knowledge of the tools we use, - attachment of a resume / information about work experience, - financial expectations for 20 hours of work.
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    Przemek Ś.
    Creating a digital archive.
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    I am looking for a person who will help to create a digital archive of documents. Selection of hardware, software.
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    I am reissuing the order because the previous contractor did not even start the order.... Please make serious offers so that I don't have to wait again until the contract expires. I will outsource data entry in two languages to prestashop store- mufflers and car accessories. Data and product images are to be entered manually from the manufacturer's website and other online stores( they are in English), so knowledge of the language and the moto industry is required. The content in English can be copied directly from the pages, while in Polish translator falls off, it must be written / corrected manually. You need to enter products from the link from page 1- 24 - https://royalparts.pl/magnaflowpdf.pdf Data to enter : -Information ( in descriptions, dimensions must also be given in mm or cm) - SEO optimization - Links - Shipping - Photos - Features - Supplier - Two additional tabs you need only index with prefix MAG and "universal part".
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    Baslinker - Subiekt
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    I need to do the baselinker warehouse in order, sync it with Subiekt GT in a decent way and next put the listings in Emag, Amazon, etc,
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I am looking for a person to prepare an Excel file for me to edit in the future. It is about football statistics/data, which I will complete manually.

In short, the idea is to prepare a file which, after entering the data into excel, will show the averages of various data/statistics in a clear way. Mainly addition, subtraction, division and multiplication formulas. Probably a lot of flits and maybe there are other ways? I'm generally open to suggestions, ideas and help to make this clear and functional.

After selecting "team" from the list, I will see the statistics of a particular team. Further comparing 2 teams I add e.g. Arsenal vs Liverpool and it shows the team vs opponent stats from recent matches, season etc. (I can choose from how many recent matches to show)

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Excel data/formulas/statistics

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