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    Issue 5 reviews each on Google Maps and on the Facebook profile of the designated beauty salon. The content and details of the reviews are provided by me.
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    neuropsychologika 1 deal
    Posts on IG/background photo on FB
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey! I'm a neuropsychologist/psychotraumatologist, I'm branching out into social media, this is my beginning, I don't have a visual identity or anything like that yet. For now, I need 3 simple graphics as attached in a minimalist style, white and purple. I'll email more inspiration and a business card/flyer to show what style I see it as :) I'm broke, so I'm depending on a convenient offer, but I'm looking for someone to work with on a permanent basis, with larger commissions in the future, paid conveniently as desired, just need to redeem myself :).
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    Johannes Gutenberg 15 deals
    B2B lead generation specialist
    Proposed by freelancer
    Specialist in lead generation and marketing automation About us: We are an Internet marketing agency that brings together under its brand the best specialists in Poland and abroad. We work remotely and exclusively on a B2B basis. Your responsibilities: - planning, creating and running paid campaigns in Google Ads for lead generation; - creating advertising content; - tracking, analyzing and optimizing campaigns to achieve the best results; - reporting on campaign effectiveness; - reporting your work; - monitoring the ROI and budget of ad effectiveness on an ongoing basis; - identifying and tracking industry trends to improve and develop company KPIs; - Researching and developing new customized advertising concepts. Our requirements: - several years of experience running Google Ads campaigns for B2B and B2C in the lead generation process; - experience working on campaigns with budgets of more than PLN 30k / month; - documentation of sample campaigns that you would like to show off to us (case study); - extensive and in-depth knowledge of the Google Analytics tool the ability to use it to optimize campaign effectiveness; - knowledge of UX principles and keeping up with the latest campaign trends for various industries; - Familiarity and practice in campaign optimization, A / B testing and experimentation; - knowledge of Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager; - Possession of planning and organizational skills to work independently; - ability to plan and create an effective advertising message (editing ad content); - developed analytical skills to measure campaign effectiveness, draw conclusions and create reports; - successive development; - knowledge of the English language. - very good organization of work
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    seomateuszPL 202 deals
    Generating text with AI
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter who has experience with AI programs to generate good quality content. The subject of the order is to prepare content for the back-end. Due to automation of the process and acceptance of a slightly lower quality, the expected price for 1k characters is lower than for manual writing. Please do not bid for manual writing - only for assisting the automation to a significant degree. I am requesting a rate for 2.5k text. PS. I offer large orders - every month.
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    Luxwiev 5 deals
    Hi need ads specialist for Czech Republic only with experience
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    Luxwiev 5 deals
    Need ads specialist for German market
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need ads specialist for German market
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    Marek Franciszek Boratyński
    Implement and maintain customer traking at the highest possible level according to guidelines
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    IAC 391 deals
    Website fixes
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will make small improvements to an existing website, add new services, remove old ones. A little improvements on this page and by the way will take care of its positioning, so that it was in the highest notes of google.
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    Accellabs 1 deal
    Freelance Copywriter
    Proposed by freelancer
    We offer freelance cooperation in writing for the website of our client from the USA. Looking for a professional who will create SEO content for our US-based customers. NOTE: Non-IT topics. White niches. Permanent cooperation. Payment - per article or by the number of words/characters (we will choose a format convenient for you)
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    Complete Instagram lead for CBD oil brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, We are looking for a person who knows what and how to use Instagram and has a head full of ideas. A person who can write cool and interesting posts (the ones you want to read), create nice and consistent graphics (stories, reels) and someone who can develop an interesting and consistent vision of the direction in which to go and will help us take the right path. Someone who has the flow to create a mega hype around the product and the whole accompanying vision - to engage the audience and stand out among the competition (large and numerous). Someone who knows Instagram very well - knows which influencers to choose to cooperate and why. Industry - CBD oils - broadly defined wellbeing, slow life, health, healthy living, lifestyle. Our website: We are looking for a creative person who is willing and able to get involved and create something mega cool with us. You don't have to have a fancy portfolio - if you think that's what we need, that you can do it, contact us - send a sample post and we'll see. !! We are not looking for an agency.
Dagmara Koniuszewska
Dagmara Koniuszewska
Job category:
Seo and social media
Expected budget:

3000.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
Facebook Ads
Facebook Pixel
google ads
Google AdWords
google analytics
search optimization
social media
Valid until:

Job description

We are looking for a person(s) - specialists to support a newly created esoteric platform.

NAKED.E.Y.E is an online platform offering products, tools, and rituals that, with the right intention, will help us meet our "true self". Our brand mission is to bring harmony, peace, and balance to your life.

If you feel good energy with us, get back to us - together we will create this place :)

Type and number of texts:

to be dertermined

Subject matter/industry:

The main goal of NAKED.E.Y.E is to sell products that enable people to deepen their knowledge about self-awareness and healthy lifestyle. Innovative products that create new trends. Tools and rituals to work on yourself. Holistic approach to health. Taking care of the body and spirit. Cleansing negative energy, raising vibrations and developing new schemes to improve the quality of life.