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Graphic projects
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Preferable skills:
adobe illustrator
adobe indesign
adobe photoshop
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Job description

When adding projects, please use google translate so that the

texts are in English, house specifications and details can be obtained

By clicking on download specifications.

The names will be I-House and the name of the projects seen on the westrate website

except for the Aske model he will be called Aline

The projects will be under the Smart project

Gran prices - £95,000

Furu 81,000

Lerk 75,000

Uten 105,000

Aske ( Aline ) 95,000

Lind 156,000

In addition, we are adding the Seven Project Bergen only

will be called I-House Bergen

In 3 variants he will be above the I-House project

We have the current directory in the indesign file for full editing

However, we remove I-House T Model, Tiny House, Row House, TINY

HOUSE, white plus, one plus, seven white, I-House Four

I will send detailed Data directly

Please send me a quote

Type and number of projects:

Adding and deleting projects

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    FILE PREPARATION the requirement is a closed file saved in PDF format (up to version 1.6), we do not accept open files the resolution of bitmaps should be in the range 300 - 360 dpi all fonts should be converted to curves or, if necessary, they should be attached additionally the minimum font size is 6 pt, the minimum height of the font is 1.2 mm all links should be embedded in the file - embedded graphics the net format of the project, the so-called trimbox, must be consistent with the size specified in the order the background of the work and all objects adjacent to the edge should be brought to the bleed beyond the edge. Include bleeds of 1mm per page (bleedbox) keep an inner margin of 1mm (from the cutting edge) as a safe area the file should not contain printing marks (color cubes, cutting marks, target marks, etc.)
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    Biuro Zleceń
    Remove words from graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Please send me a price for the removal of words from the graphics (dots are to be inserted there) and you will need to add the words "Job Card" and instructions (1 sentence). Graphics will be sent from my side. I am sending a sample graphic from which the words near the arrows will have to be removed.
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    Looking for a graphic designer to create a Logo I will provide guidelines and it is a rather simple job - the idea is already there
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    I will commission about 5 - 10 graphics to use on sponsored FB posts , to use similar designs.
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    RAPIT 13 deals
    as above
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    I am looking for a person to make graphic changes on PrestaShop 1.7 online store - rebuilding the main navigation, adapting the menu to the other elements on the store (unification) - design of banners for the main slider - new sub-page and possibly a new section on the page After completion of the order possible permanent cooperation on banners (main slider) - please enter prices for 1 banner for orientation. Selection of freelancer based on portfolio - please post links to works.
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    Mikołaj Królik 4 deals
    I am looking for someone to make graphics for Google and Facebook ads with prepared copy
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    Mikołaj Królik 4 deals
    Thumbnails on YT
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi I am looking for someone to make thumbnails for videos on YT I'm interested in the price per piece and that's how we will be billed
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    SONTE 4 deals
    Making graphics for publications
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are committed to fast implementation! Publication to social media with the theme of ecology
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    damian_motos 2 deals
    To make a map for landing with the sale of land plots for the investment of single-family houses. Spa town, clean air greenery, etc. The map should include: 1. the locations of the plots 2. the largest towns around 3. distances between the investment and the localities 4. attractions of the localities in vector in isometric projection 5. marked main ze two streets 6. railroad line