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I am creating a page with paid access - some pages can be seen by everyone, some pages / entries only by people who have paid for membership.

Functionality to be implemented on WC Membership and WC Subscription - I did an analysis of various plugins and probably the closest I am to those natively supported by WC (best integration) + native WC ordering process that can be modified.

I am looking for a person who HAS EXPERIENCE in creating a similar website and has experience with the above. plugins + plugins for payments and invoices.

I want someone who will help me handle the entire mechanism of membership, payments, invoices (configuration, translations, tests) + will do the MANUAL ADMINISTRATION for me. Design, coding, creating subpages, etc. will be performed by another team (designer, frontend).

Administrative support, i.e. flow (can be in text form) for each case (i.e. what the administrator should do, e.g. contact the customer using the data provided in the panel, cancel the subscription in this and this view by clicking the button 'cancel subscription', make a refund in the WC / payments panel by clicking return, issuing a correction invoice in the invoicing panel by entering the reason for the correction (reason and such) and clicking issue correction, etc.

Cases that come to my mind now (TBD):

- subscription unpaid

- the card connected to the subscription is no longer valid

- return request within 10 days

- request for return after 10 days

- request to cancel subscription + refund

- automatic subscription extension

- making sure that everything is ok with invoices (how to watch it)

Plugins I want to use:

- WC Subscription

- WC Membership

- WC Checkout Field

- Invoices - to be agreed, but probably something with wpdesk

- Payments - PayU, Tpay - to be determined according to the rates, if payu then from wpdesk, if tpay then from their official plug

I invite you to submit offers ONLY PERSONS WITH EXPERIENCE WITH WW PLUGINS and who are able to prepare MANUAL administration

Template / individual design:


Required functions:

WooCommerce Membership WooCommerce Subscription

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