Downloading phone numbers from OLX

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    Script order
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, To make a script that will allow to display on the wordpress blog in the entries of the "cloud" in which I have illustrated in the screen shot. The purpose is advertising in the form of a link. I do not want to use plugins, I am looking for a script contractor. Assignment with transfer of rights. Technology to be agreed upon.
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    Quantum Digital Developer
    Outlook email signature
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    Hello, I have an email signature created, but unfortunately the images are crashing in Outlook. Some of them have a hyperlink. Is anyone able to configure this code correctly?
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    SkyUP Consulting
    I will commission the writing of a simple mobile application for learning irregular verbs in English. No user accounts, no subscriptions. Hybrid. Application on the principle of type and check the correctness. For both platforms + web
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    Looking for FullStack web application developer Commercial experience in 2 years + required. 15-40 hours per week. We are flexible in this regard. Work on an hourly basis. Please quote me the cost per stage 40h. Please contact me.
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    Adding event to a user profile (Joomla).
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    Looking for a Joomla specialist, to make a simple module, I will give more details to those interested in a private message.
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    A bot that adds job ads.
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    Hello. I will commission a bot that will be able to add job ads to my website.
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    Hello, We have been maintaining a proprietary IT system for a client in the Private Health Care industry for 5 years. We wrote the system for the client from scratch and regularly update the technology. As if it were in an automotive ad - nothing knocks nothing knocks. The system is needle. And it loads data from the database at a touch. Except that no German cried. Front end Angular 14, backend in Node.JS to this database in PostgreSQL. Monthly sprints are 70% NEW functionality and 30% support / fixes. We are currently looking for a person with 80h - 120h of time per month to work with us on a T&M basis. Billing through useme on a monthly basis. We expect the freelancer to have about 2 years of commercial experience and knowledge of Angular and GIT. The work will consist in the execution of predetermined and described functionalities on the basis of - I take a tick and do. In response to the ad, please provide a rate per hour net ( with B2B - if someone does not have a company, useme is for that very thing ;) ).
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    Hi. Looking for a developer to create a product configurator in WordPress. The matter is quite urgent, so we would need it by April 3 at the most. Details of the configurator (how it should look exactly) are shown in the attachment. Once the order is completed, permanent cooperation is possible, as we have increasing programming needs for WordPress due to the growing number of clients.
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    Wic Pio
    FRAMER - newsletter sign-up module
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! I am looking for a person to code a module in Framer to sign up users for mailing list in Mailchimp. Currently there are modules available from Mailchimp but it does not work properly. What the user must be able to do is: - providing an email address - checking the consents in the form of a checkbox - clicking on the subscribe button What should work: - enrollment to the mailng database (sending enrollment to the database in mailchimp) - negative and positive validation - linking to the consent content UI design is ready. Please apply only people with knowledge of Framer. Assignment for yesterday :)
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    Details will be provided after contact is made and a non-disclosure agreement is signed
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Michał Pajor
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Desktop/web applications
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Job description

I will commission the creation of a script that will be able to retrieve phone numbers from OLX.

Necessarily, I need to expose the API in PHP (if the mechanism itself to retrieve the phone number will be in another language).

It is also important that the mechanism be able to handle several-some requests in parallel and take a proxy address (IP:port:login:password) as an argument.

Please provide me with price quotes and an estimated completion time.

Required functions: