Design of the steel structure of the shelving stairs (2 pieces)

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    Good day. For a newly built house I am looking for a person who will comprehensively and holistically take care of the interior design and arrangement. House type: It is about the whole, including the elevation. In addition, perhaps the rest as the garden and space around the house. Please make specific proposals - with examples: what you have already implemented, what is your methodology of work in this area and why should I choose your offer. I have a project of the above mentioned house. The deadline for realization is to be agreed.
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The order for 2 separate designs of the steel structure for the shelf stairs. Staircase to a single-family house to the 1st floor. The first project is a small single-flight staircase. The second is a two-speed staircase. Both on 12 cm partition walls. The design must include reinforcement with a flat bar fixed to the foundation slab and the ceiling, as well as on the other side of the wall.

I will send the exact dimensions and photos by e-mail.

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