Design and submission of Landing Page with Divi + WooCommerce integration

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Web pages
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Job description

Designing Landing Page for ebook / book offer

Putting together a site in Divi and integrating WooCommerce.

1. you will receive suggested direction. Access to currently owned content. Access to WP with the DIVI plugin installed.

2. on your side: LP plan or simple diagram + summary of required materials.

3. Upon approval, you will receive back materials in required formats and content.

4. on your side: Submission of the LP in DIVI using the provided materials + WooCommerce integration.

The order does not include the development of materials or content.

Include an example of an implemented project in your application.

Preferable solution

WordPress with Divi + WooCommerce

Required features

Landing Page in Divi (mobile / desktop), WooCommerce integration

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Damian Skrzypczak

1 deal
  • css
  • html5
  • online shop
  • ... (+6)
Added: on 2022-05-13

Filip Wierzbiański

4 deals
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe photoshop
  • corporate identity
  • ... (+4)
Added: on 2022-05-11


1 deal
  • backend
  • cms
  • coding
  • ... (+18)
Added: on 2022-05-11

13 deals
  • allegro
  • apache
  • backend
  • ... (+39)
Added: on 2022-05-11

Martin Doe

148 deals
  • angular JS
  • bootstrap
  • c++
  • ... (+14)
Added: on 2022-05-11


7 deals
  • allegro
  • api
  • blog
  • ... (+18)
Added: on 2022-05-11

Jagoda Wielgos

78 deals
  • allegro
  • css
  • databases
  • ... (+15)
Added: on 2022-05-11

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