Creation of tourist programs based on foreign offers of DMCs

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    Konrad 1 deal
    Amazon Auction
    100.00 PLN
    Hello.I need to create a ready amazon auction for the product in three color variants.I have a ready description of the photo and the necessary data.Interested please contact me Greetings
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    Idea Marketing 17 deals
    We are looking for an accounting/administrative specialist. Remote work experience required. 1. fully remote management of document flow. 3. coordination of the flow of invoices / documents / payments. 4. describing invoices and recording costs 5. liaison with accounting office 5. improving organization by introducing procedures and tools (virtual office) Workload 15-30 hours / per month We welcome and look forward to receiving offers with CV and hourly rate :) LUMINEO
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    Growth 35 deals
    Your tasks: Overseeing the progress of the work Coordinating the work of the team Keeping an eye on timeliness Desired qualities: Assertiveness Commitment Conscientiousness About the Project We have joined forces and business experience to create a whole new value. We clearly show the difference between a marketing funnel and a sales pipeline, which is commonly met with simplification these days. The result of our work is tools - both in the traditional form of forms and designer filler cards - to help you holistically plan your sales process and engage your potential customer. The culmination of the entire project will be a comprehensive online course that explains the entire sales process from A to Z and facilitates the use of these tools. All based on our years of experience. Our activities are aimed at business owners who are thinking of creating a sales department (hiring salespeople) and those who wonder what their salespeople actually do? And also for managers of the sales department. ______ The development of the project creates opportunities for continued cooperation. Due to the complexity of the project substantively, please indicate an hourly rate in your offer. This will account for operational work and the time needed for discussions, consultations, modifications in the project. Estimate; minimum of 6 hours per month Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Work with very good English language skills
    Proposed by freelancer
    Work with very good knowledge of English. The work involves sending ready-made materials according to the guidelines, to representatives of a specific target group, and according to your own idea. You can write emails, make phone calls. I am looking for a courteous and persistent person, with very good knowledge of English. More information for those initially interested.
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    Hack Your Brain 2 deals
    I am looking for a person with technical skills to operate an online store built on the basis of woocommerce and elementor. The person I am looking for will be responsible for creating a product landing page, adding new products to the store (e-books, training) and the graphic design of the documents. I also need help in configuring e-mail automation, campaign preparation and composition, as well as sending the newsletter. Remote work, team work, about 2 hours a day without a fixed time frame.
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    Attached is a test that the HR department sends to candidates at some stage of recruitment. It is sent in pdf and is supposed to be filled out by the candidate without printing (but everyone sends this document back in a different way, often invisible). I am looking for a person who will digitize this document (there are more rows and columns - I will make them available after the deal is done). He will come up with a way to make this test, first of all, possible in a similar form (that is, also entering numbers in one line) to be filled by google forms or other tool + will design a table in excel, into which the candidates' answers will fall and mark us what color of personality a candidate has. Please send me messages with price proposals and turnaround time.
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    Jacek F 20 deals
    Sales assistant for software house
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need a sales assistant for a software house. Daily duties include reviewing predefined websites, social media and search phrases to identify our potential customers, as well as sending short offer messages to them. The responsibilities include only making contact. If the customer responds with interest, our salesperson will take over the communication and try to finalize the sale. Experience in a similar position is welcome (basic knowledge of web development - common technologies and terminology, etc. needed). Competencies * Ability to classify information - browsing websites/posts for specific people according to set criteria. * Conscientiousness and dutifulness - daily commitment is required, without skipping announcements. * Availability - the work requires devoting a few moments several times a day - morning, afternoon, evening - a total of about 2-3 h a day. * High personal culture - customer contact required. * Very good knowledge of written English. * Organizational skills - recording data of potential customers in the database. Responsibilities * Work for about 2-3 h per day. * Daily tracking of selected websites and search phrases to find people in need of our services. * Sending offers to the above-mentioned people. Typical workflow: 1. Morning/afternoon/evening - reviewing a list of predefined websites and RSS feeds (forums, etc.) to identify potential clients. 2. Sending a short introductory message to the previously identified people and adding them to the company database. 3. Replying to responses from those contacted - e.g., trying to set up a meeting, asking additional questions, etc. 4. In spare time, finding other potential sources of customer acquisition (forums, communities, etc.).
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Marta Domasz
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Office works
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Job description

Commissioning the creation of foreign tour programs

1. you contact a local travel agency and ask for an offer

2. you create a program based on our guidelines

a) content

b) pricing

3. you prepare a ready program to be placed on the website of the Polish travel agency

Please send me offers with hourly rate and information about your experience in similar activities

The job in figures:

10 tour programs

Place or location: