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    Gazetka Promocyjna
    zoom desktop version: Currently when zoom is enabled to change position we move the mouse right, left. I would like it to move when zoom is enabled by holding down the mouse button and moving the image in the desired direction example:,62761/2/ zoom mobile version: Currently, when turning on zoom, the zoom is always central and without the ability to move the image. I would like the zoom to be more intuitive i.e. zoom in the desired location and the ability to move the image. When returning to the original size there is often a transition to the next page which is also an undesirable effect. json array: currently json files are manually entered into an array I would like this to be automated. insert: So-called inserts appear on the newspaper pages. They look like newspaper pages but contain different content and are loaded from a different source. I would like them to be cached like newspaper pages. Currently you have to wait until such a page loads which is undesirable.
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    OUTRAGE 3 deals
    Programming email footers
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have 3 email footers to be programmed according to an already prepared design.
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    Export products to XML
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the preparation of a mechanism for exporting products from the store (Shopify) to an XML file. The XML file will have to be prepared according to the specifications of the portal. The file should be hosted at a fixed URL. Update the file every 48h.
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    bastian.knappke 1 deal
    API Zalando - 1. API Woocommerce to Zalando: Products Export and Order Confirmation Export / Tracking Number, Inventory Update, Preise etc. 2. API Zalando back to Woocommerce: Export Orders 3. Feedback to zalando( Tracking Code, Storno, based on status of Woocommerce) Development asap.
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    Maciej Urmański 10 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a person familiar with django who can make a view and path for a multi-level category using The model is already prepared and integrated into the admin, however I need a view( and path ( to handle this on the front end.
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    Marek Daniel 3 deals
    Service fixes on Laravel
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource some website fixes on Laravel requirements: - GIT - Docker - Laravel communication skills and experience
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    Robert Sekściński
    I am looking for the company which could configure and adjust Twilio Flex for us. We didn't use it before, it will be the integration from the beginning. We would like to use Twilio mainly for contact with our contrahents, not clients as it is usually managed. Mainly we would like to use it to send bulk messages to guides if they have availability for the specific date. As some guides can reply a few hours later, when another person is on shift, we want to use Twilio this way that other people can see all conversations with guides which the previous employee had on his shift. Right now we use a virtual switchboard offered by the telecommunication company, we would like to implement it on Twilio now also. Example: We are looking for a guide in Munich for tomorrow who speaks French. Therefore we want to create messages and send them to the group of contact which was created previously - we search for the city Munich and then we search for the Contact group named Munich Guides French. We send 1 message to all contacts. Next we wait for the replies for the guides. Once someone will be available we are texting him or make a phone call from Twilio to discuss the details. Key features: - create address book with the list of contacts - possibility of creation of groups of contacts - bulk messages send - storage history of the messages conversations and phone calls - connection with Whatsapp business - create virtual switchboard for calls - call forwarding - we want to have 2 users, but a few phone number from different countries like USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Poland For now we don't want to implement any chatbots, automatic responses etc as we want to use Twilio mainly for contact with contrahents so guides and transport companies.
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    Bot to pgg or tauron
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need bot to buy bagged coal from pgg or tauron stores. Can be semi-automatic. Payment only after testing proper operation.
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    RAPIT 10 deals
    I will commission to program a website based on graphic design, created in figma for wordpress -> acf. NO PAGE BUILDERS. There are 6 pretty simple views to code. There are also prepared mobile views I care about fast turnaround time max 7 days.
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Job category:
Desktop/web applications
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Preferable skills:
visual basic
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Job description

We are a manufacturer of doors that we deliver to customers all over Poland and Europe. We need support in creating a stable and modern system of servicing contractors and distributors. We want end users also to be able to contact us and leave feedback. These are valuable values ​​for us to be able to develop in the right direction. So some UX will also be useful?

How is it now?

Perfectdoor uses a system supporting the valuation and handling of customer orders placed via the website.

The system consists of 4 modules:

1. A module (local application) that records the segmental structure of elements from which products are built. This database contains information about the segments from which the target product is built and their permissible values. For individual combinations, there may be additionally defined availability exclusions and dedicated availability for specific contractors. On the basis of this structure, a module for generating the valuation of potential products operates.

2. Module (local application) for generating and managing the quotes of potential products.

3. A module (web application) for registering the contents of the customer's basket with the possibility of converting it into an order in Comarch ERP XL. Additionally, this module is to provide the possibility of confirming placed orders by the distributor to which the given customer is connected.

4. Module (local application) working in automatic mode, used to generate goods files in Comarch ERP XL and to register orders placed in the web application in Comarch ERP XL.

Please contact us? We will provide all the necessary information, we will explain exactly what we mean. We provide excellent working and pay conditions !!!

Required functions: