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    redakcja 2 deals
    Creation of the website - foreign versions
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission the creation of a site in the form of a business card Wordpress about 20 subpages contact form, links to social media, logo. The site is to be available in a dozen language versions (we have texts). It is to be under one domain - subdomain or .com/ua .com/en etc. The whole thing hooked up to Analytics to check traffic. I am looking for a person who has experience in such work. I look forward to your offers.
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    Making a simple page with 6 tabs
    Proposed by freelancer
    Creation of a simple website based on WordPress maximum 6 tabs, no store a simple website
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    Sketch for WordPress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Cutting and coding designs designed in Sketch and making a complete functional Wordpress Theme. Technical criteria: - CSS pre-precessor (e.g. less, sass). - Minimization of JS / CSS code - Ability to write custom JS functions without harnessing heavy frameworks like jQuery. - Optimization of web applications (e.g. using Google Lighthouse profiler) - Knowledge of SEO principles when coding HTML - Optimization of graphics (WebP) - Knowledge of the WordPress platform and WordPress template coding. - RWD - Experience working with Git Selection criterion: - Minimum. 3 years of commercial experience - Timeliness - Accuracy - Example implementations - Signing of NDA
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    Blackhorse 6 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am interested in modifying or creating anew a website for a product brand. Currently, the site runs on the JOOMLA platform. It is about a new layout of the site, an additional tab, removal of selected content. I am interested in both the design of selected functionalities and their implementation
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    Paweł Janac
    Home page view coding
    Proposed by freelancer
    One view to code. Desktop + mobile. Recommended technologies: Bootstrap 5, HTML/js/sCSS. Frontend alone, no coding under WP/WC theme.
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    Paweł Janac
    Coding 7 HTML/sCSS/JS views.
    Proposed by freelancer
    8 views to be coded (home page, listing + filters, product, other tabs). Desktop + mobile. Recommended technologies: Bootstrap 5, HTML/js/sCSS. Frontend alone, no coding under WP/WC theme.
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    Robert SF 11 deals
    I am looking for a partner to maintain and update the website. Website: Scope: - updating wordpress plugins, ensuring consistency when updating, - making periodic backups, - taking care of responsiveness, - taking care of graphics. Minor textual changes are done by ourselves. Every two or three months there is a major change involving a major modification of a sub-page or addition of a sub-page or addition of functionality. If you have any questions, please contact me.
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    Creation of an interenet site
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of a website about erotic massages. We want an original elegant design. Currently, the site has only one page - we want to expand it and create 2 more sub-pages. The site in the language: Polish, English, German, Russian. Domain purchased.
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    ZNZU Management 1 deal
    The order is to make (retrieve?) the form as on the page and implementation of the solution on the new site put on Wordpress. Please provide me with a quote and a completion date.
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Job category:
Web pages
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Preferable skills:
web site
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Job description

I will order the creation of a wordpress site based on the provided design in Adobe XD. The site includes 4 sub-pages on the front end and a client account with 7 sub-pages (dashboard, tasks, reports, configuration, messages, referral program, invoices and payments). The site must be payment-linked and allow the customer to quickly purchase one of 3 selected services and then watch the progress of that service in the customer dashboard. Customer service must be able to send messages to the customer panel (with attachments) and read messages from the customer from the wordpress admin panel. For those who are interested, I will send a website design to understand the order.

Required features

- Front-end layout with 4 sub-pages and a service calculator. Sub-pages are About Us, Services and Price List (one home page), Knowledge (blog posts), Contact (contact information and form). - The customer panel contains information about the purchased service, the ability to configure the service, exchange messages with the site support, download a report, download an invoice uploaded by the site support, pay for the service

Preferable solution

I prefer a solution based on Wordpress, I have a project in Adobe XD.