Creation of a logo for a brand of furniture accessories

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    We are looking for a person to make illustrations in an isometric style corresponding to the style of our website: It will be about 10 illustrations depicting in sequence: a room with furniture, a computer that displays a 3d model of e.g. a window on the screen, a cross-section of the room showing building materials, a man who enters the room in VR, and a couple more graphics of this type. Deadline until 30.03.
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    pravna 20 deals
    Graphic wall sections in 3D + animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    2 graphic wall cross-sections in 3D + 2 videos/animations (showing how the different elements come together to form a wall cross-section) I Cross-section Elevation Wood / Sheet Metal From the outside 1) spruce plank facade / trapezoidal sheet metal 2) installation grid for the facade (vertical battens) 3) windproofing membrane 4) 50 mm wool 5) sheathing board 6) house structure filled with 150 mm wool 7) vapor barrier membrane 8) installation grate 9) interior sheathing board II Cross-section facade silicone plaster exterior side 1) façade silicone plaster plastering adhesive with mesh 2) facade wool 50mm 3) windproofing membrane 4) sheathing board 5) house structure filled with 150mm wool 6) vapor barrier membrane 7) installation grate 8) inner sheathing board
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    Paul M
    I am just looking for an experienced person who does 3D graphics and will accurately transfer me some clothes from 2D to 3D. It is very important for me to transfer these clothes 1:1 ie taking into account all the given dimensions, it is a must-have! In case everything is done well I am interested in longer cooperation. The clothes I want to transfer are: -2 sweatshirts, similar to those from the link -2 T-shirts, similar to those from the link -1 dress is 5 items similar to those from the link I will send all the exact pictures with technical documentation before the cooperation starts The file formats it supports are *.fbx *.dae *.obj *.lxo *.mc *.pc2 *.mdd *.abc *.dxf *.aam *.dxf In case of bidding, please divide the rate into the rate for 1 element as well as for the whole.
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    HistoriaMiniona 1 deal
    Hello I need some screenshots of the Roman amphitheater in londinium, I will provide sample designs. Amphitheater without people, modest surroundings - it is important to reproduce the solid well with details. Quality full hd,render, looking forward to contact :)
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    Animation of one character in 3D (iClone)
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who works in iClone. To create will be a character animation of several minutes. Ideally, the designer should support ready-made templates, e.g. from actorcore. It is important to me that you work in this particular program. The project is for one animation, but the idea is that there will be definitely more.
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    Personalizowane 21 deals
    6 tombstone designs using 3D photocrystals
    Proposed by freelancer
    Development of 6 different tombstone designs using 3D photocrystals. 3D photocrystals are presented on our website Each project with 2D (projections) and 3D visualization and all documentation (dimensions, materials, etc.). Transfer of copyright.
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    Mateusz - Iborail MI
    Modeling a 3d Printable Figure
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for a person to model a 'human shaped' figure. It will not require having a huge amount of details, as it will be a 3d print model. Feel free to contact me for a quote and the time needed to complete.
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    Grzegorz Kania
    Design of exhibition and conference stands built at international events. Remote work - commissioned. Design on the basis of client guidelines.
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    Graphics for animated film (1 minute)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Creating graphics for a YouTube advertising video that will present the company's service, the graphics should be made in the form of animation and tell the story of the company's service.
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    Signex Poland
    Good day, We are looking for a contractor for the design of 15 pieces of 3d letters, profiles in light advertising ( P3,P5,P6...) 360-degree view, plus to this flyer design , the content and design is already there, needed aesthetic arrangement.
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Job category:
Design and 3d
Expected budget:

1000.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

We will commission A to Z branding for a new brand of furniture accessories on the Polish market.

Works to be done

- Coming up with the concept of the name

- Logotype in minimalistic style

- Banner on fb

- Several promotional materials (flyers)

- Minimalist website in the form of onep

- 2-3 banners for the website

- 2-3 banners for allegro auctions promoting the logotype

Please submit a proposal for the whole thing. We are looking for a person who will launch the brand and do all the graphic design.

Type and number of projects:

50 graphics Logo