Creating thumbnails for sales auctions

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Wojciech 2424
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I am looking for a graphic designer to create thumbnails for sales auctions, I provide photos it is only about creating a thumbnail for several auctions. At the beginning of cooperation I have to order the creation of 5 thumbnails of different products, if the results will be satisfactory then I will order more work. Of course, I will be happy to see the portfolio.

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    Product photography of phone cases
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    Please quote me a price per photo and send me your portfolio.
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    Project Description: We are looking for a graphic designer to work with us on processing photos of furniture and rooms. Your task will be to improve the quality of photos and add visual effects to enhance the features of products and interiors. Requirements: -Experience in processing photos of products and interiors. -Portfolio with examples of work.
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    Hello, I am looking for a photographer for permanent cooperation regarding product photography of photos of blinds and curtain rods. I depend on the fact that the photos should be taken on a white background.
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    A company in the HVAC industry is looking for someone to process a series of photos (about 30 at the moment, further cooperation possible) of products. We have .RAW files, we need services like: temperature correction, exposure, aberration removal, contrast/saturation correction and lens distortion correction plus cropping the photos (eventually we need them without backgrounds) and light retouching (removal of dust, minor scratches). We depend on a person who knows that sometimes you have to grit your teeth and use a pen tool, because pitting in chrome is not cool ;)
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    Hi, We are looking for someone to prepare us 6 photos each for 2 products (2packshots). Car varnish (20ml bottle with brush). - main photo - photo of an unfolded, empty bottle with the brush and needle visible - close-up - 3x photo of use of the product (we can provide a piece of varnished sheet metal part) - typically for instructions for use - that is, degreasing the damaged part, photo of applying the product with gloves, photo of polishing the product with a microfiber. For the main photo, we need a .psd file prepared to change the color of the paint piece visible through the bottle (matte and gloss) - or we can provide a list of 130variants - broken down into matte and gloss versions - here we also need to leave everything in .psd.
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