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I am looking for a person who will proofread a text I translated myself.

I run a blog in Polish, first I write an article in my native language, then translate.

I am asking for a quote for the correction of the first article to be corrected:

Illustratively, I am sending the source text in Polish as reference material. However, I do not care about the exact representation. Natural-sounding English text is a priority for me.

I am interested in permanent cooperation. I have 6 outstanding articles that will need to be revised. Additionally, I am going to produce 2 articles a month.

Additionally, all knowledge and suggestions regarding SEO, social media, and writing for the Internet are welcome.

My secondary goal is to learn to write better in English, hence the proofreading itself, and not ordering the entire translation.

Thanks in advance for your offers.

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Proofreading of translations from Polish into English.

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2 blog posts a month.

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Rice Marketing

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Paweł Kasprzyk

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