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    Good day, We are looking for a person familiar with the specifics of the Czech and Slovak markets for permanent cooperation. The scope of work to be performed: - placement of several advertisements on well-known auction portals - sending commercial offers to selected recipients - searching for wholesale buyers of furniture and accessories - extensive brand building on the indicated markets The price in the auction is for adding 10 auctions on well-known auction portals or classifieds portals. Due to the abandonment of work by the predecessor on some portals e.g. mall is set up an account on our TIN but we do not have a password. This is one of the problems to be solved. We want to treat the cooperation rather as a representative for the indicated countries, who will efficiently conduct sales and promote the brand wherever possible. A minimum of Czech and Slovak language skills required to write back to potential customers. We offer cooperation for years and running this department in our company. The work is 100% remote. We require full commitment and weekly activity reports. On an ongoing basis, we want to analyze the work after working a certain period we will entrust full freedom of action. We ask for offers only from people who are 100% determined. We do not want the topic to be pulled off and postponed on the calendar. The topic must start right away.
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    Dawid I BBR
    Hello, I am looking for a person to write a few texts monthly (3-5 at the beginning) for sponsored articles (about 2500 characters, subject matter accessories for dogs, the texts do not have to be under SEO - can be a loose, general text without in-depth insight while maintaining the guidelines of the service) in Polish + English translation (the translation also has to be at least 2500 characters - if it will be shorter, you need to compensate for the minimum required length) along with posting on the platform such as LINKHOUSE
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    Sara Waszyńska - Advocu
    Hi! I'm looking for a content writer/editor to help me craft the best content for our company's blog. Take a look at one of our articles to feel the vibe: What you'll be writing about: - online community management, - developer relations, - developer marketing, - community building, community management, etc. I provide all knowledge, materials and guides about the topic we are writing about. This is a wholly new topic in Poland and there's not a lot of related content anywhere online. What is expected: - write at least 4 articles monthly, around 2500 words for each of them; - in addition I sometimes drop some social media posts or descriptions to write, as well as articles written by me to proofread; - for each of the article I provide an extensive brief (usually with all the knowledge, links and headers inside); - for each of the articles SEO Surfer research is already done, you'll receive a set of keywords and requirements to match as well as access to our SEO Surfer account to use it while writing; - SEO Surfer skills required! - looking for a native writer or someone with flawless language skills - C2 level minimum. I am looking for a long-term engagement, someone who can fit in and help me to create a brand vibe. When applying, please provide a portfolio containing a set of long and short-form content written in English. Let us also know about your rate for 1000 characters with spaces (in PLN, for writing content and for editing content) and your preferred form of payment. Looking forward to meeting you :)
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    WMH 64 deals
    Publication of 500 pieces of unique entries dealing with the client's product. Content of entries from 200 to 400 characters. Required to have active UK social media accounts, min. 50 pieces. Topics fitness, health, beauty, woman, active lifestyle.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi we are searching for a copywriter who will write SEO-friendly texts for our site and blog. What is very important is that we are a Fintech company, so we either require some knowledge about KYC, AML, KYB, etc, or openness for topic research about Fintech in general on your own.
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    Good day, For the website - a dictionary of correct spelling in English, I am looking for people who will write explanations of entries with examples of sentences, collocations, phraseological compounds. I am interested in long-term cooperation with people who are professionals in the language - translators, lecturers, teachers, linguists, or people with native English. Hobby knowledge of the language may not be enough, although if someone feels up to the task I also encourage you to contact me. Attached to the offer is a file with sample keyword studies. Advantages of the assignment: - no strict deadlines, no deadlines. - I order a lot of passwords to write - for a person familiar with the language the order will be easy and pleasant - the assignment is very flexible, so it is ideal as a gap filler between other assignments therefore I expect favorable price offers I will contact selected freelancers w/ the "best price" criterion, choosing among those who will be able to provide texts of satisfactory quality. At the beginning of the order we offer a test - writing a few slogans on a trial basis, the test is fully paid if the texts will be of sufficient quality (expectations are not exorbitant - it is more about checking whether we understand each other well). In response to the ad, I ask for 3 pieces of information: 1. specify how you are related to the English language 2. provide an approximate "capacity" - how many characters per month you can prepare 3. the price per 1000 characters with spaces on hand for a freelancer AND ADDITIONALLY the calculated price per 1000 characters - the net amount on the invoice for us (I ask for two prices so that there is no misunderstanding due to the incorrect nomenclature that the useme service uses for determining the amounts "on hand" and "on invoice")
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    LepszyContent 34 deals
    Copywriter for legal texts
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter to prepare legal texts. The spreads when it comes to the rate are PLN 15 - 20 net for 1000 characters with spaces. The subject matter of the ordered articles is varied, from trademark registration to debt collection. I am asking for a quote for 10 texts.
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    Baliana 22 deals
    Szukam doświadczonego copywritera, który doskonale zna się na sportach tj. badminton, squash lub tenis. Doświadczenie w jednym z wymienionych sportów jest KONIECZNE – prześlij mi proszę swoje portfolio i doświadczenie. Jeśli nie masz zasad sportów w jednym palcu – nie zgłaszaj się. To bardzo istotne, żebyś umiał jasno i zwięźle pisać o zasadach, poradach i treningach obowiązujących w tych dyscyplinach sportów. Mile widziane osoby, które mają wykształcenie w kierunku trenera/sędziego sportowego/zawodnicy. Twoim zadaniem będzie tworzenie: - wpisów poradnikowych opisujących zasady, rodzaje treningów , miejsca do gry - tekstów opisujących obiekty i wydarzenia sportowe (w Warszawie i okolicach) Proszę o wycenę napisania 10 tekstów, każdy po 10'000zzs. Napisz w jaki sport uprawiasz i jest Ci najbliższy sercu. Jeśli teksty będą dobre , możesz liczyć na stałą współpracę.
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    Prolego 622 deals
    Rewriting A4 text from PDF to Word
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the rewriting of A4 text from PDF (photo) to Word. The amount of text is 1 page. I am looking for a concrete contractor who will not only rewrite the text but also format it properly. Assignment fast and pleasant available NOW! Please write a few words about yourself in your offer. Possible further orders (including text writing) through Useme.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Gamblorium ( is a large project that familiarizes users from around the world with the IGaming. We are looking for an SEO English copywriter/ content creator, who would like to join our project in a long-term relationship and become an expert in the niche. Your tasks will be сontent creation (iGaming brand articles, ratings, experiences) Here’s the list of the requirements we expect from our writers while making content: 1. All content that you do for our project must be unique and written completely by you. We don’t accept articles copied or translated from other sources or languages. 2. We expect the articles you write contain only necessary and interesting information. (It’s always better to ask what we expect from the text, instead of writing long tales just to fulfil the word requirement.) 3. We don’t provide our visitors with fake information. When writing brand articles, we give honest opinions. Copywriters need to mention if the article website: has no profitable promotions, works without a license, or has an old-fashioned website interface. There’s no need to describe everything in the pink light. 4. We don’t encourage our users to spend real money. We don’t attract visitors under 21 to try the casino games. We respect the principles of responsible gambling and encourage our visitors to do the same. 5. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. Please proofread before submitting. 6. The required amount of words can range from plus to minus 100 words. If the content contains twice more words than was set in the initial task, we reserve the right to ask you to apply corrections and remove unnecessary information. 7. In our tasks, we provide the list of keywords that should be used in the text. They should be written the same way as they are mentioned in the task and marked in bold. Don’t separate the words with prepositions, conjunctions, or commas. The only change that can be done is the change in the declension.
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Job category:
Expected budget:

570.00 PLN

Valid until:

Job description

Opis pracy

- Tworzenie wpisów na blogu o Business Intelligence i analizie danych.

- Artykuły blogowe kierowane są do dyrektorów finansowych, kontrolingu, produkcji oraz dyrektorów operacyjnych i IT.

- Słowa kluczowe związane są z obszarami biznesowymi takimi jak: finanse, controlling, produkcja.

- Termin realizacji zlecenia z copywriterem ustalany jest w rocznym harmonogramie po wykonaniu zadania próbnego (płatnego).

- Każde zamówienie poprzedzone jest briefem merytorycznym.

- Praca nad tekstem odbywa się w narzędziu surferseo.

Szukamy osób:

- Terminowych,

- Znających tematykę Business Intelligence, finansów lub produkcji,

- Posiadających w portfolio treści na tematy poruszane ww. tematach: BI, finanse, produkcja,

- Dbających o szczegóły,

- Posiadających lekkie pióro w języku polskim.

Wymagamy podpisania NDA.

Type and number of texts:

6000 ZZS

Number of characters:

Zapotrzebowanie miesięczne 12000 ZZS miesięcznie. Jeden tekst 1000 słów - ok 6000 ZZS.