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    THE FIRST Sp. z o.o. 2 deals
    I will order the preparation of 14 descriptions, topics of Office Furniture. The originals are in English. Each translated text is to be about 1tys characters (not less, not much more). I will send the selected person all the indications and sample texts. Descriptions are not to be a 1:1 translation, but rewritten content.
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    Antal Sp. z o.o. 4 deals
    To create the design and redesign of 30 company documents in a uniform format. To be changed visually: - logo alignment - font - footer Documents are to be as different as possible from the original. Working in Microsoft Word.
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    Baliana 21 deals
    Copywriter - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter for permanent cooperation in creating SEO texts for an online store and blog. Required education and experience in physiotherapy and rehabilitation (I am particularly interested in rehabilitation in sports) Please send me your portfolio. I request a quote for writing 10 texts, each 10'000zzs
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    SG Papertronics B.V.
    I am looking for a copywriter to rewrite a short text (250 words) - "Our story" for a sales offer. I would like to make the text lighter and more attractive to read. The target group are craft brewers. In the future, I am planning other commissions, mainly for writing texts for the blog.
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    Looking for a person to transfer / prepare descriptions for products (about 150-200 pieces). The store has been implemented a new module we need to transfer the existing in Polish (visual arrangement + photos). In addition, prepare on the basis of Polish version in ENG and the assignment of photos. For more information, please contact us.
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    Preparation of transcriptions/translations
    Proposed by freelancer
    An IT company is looking for an associate to transcribe podcasts and videos, as well as translate prepared material into English. Requirements: - Light pen, - Good knowledge of English, - Accuracy and reliability, - Good organization of work and meeting deadlines. Preferred way of payment - fixed rate per 1 minute of material or per 1000 zzs
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    Blog article about earning money online
    Proposed by freelancer
    It is to promote the affiliate program, the details will be presented in the message of the selected contractor
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    Chatschool 6 deals
    English speaking platform Chatschool ( is looking for someone to write 4 high quality articles per month on English language learning (grammar, tips, vocabulary). We are interested in a person who: - can regularly turn in texts on mutually agreed deadlines. - will stick to a certain framework when writing texts. - knows English at a very good level (knowledge of grammar required). Additional advantages: - knowledge of positioning. - Possession of tools for positioning such as SEO Surfer. Settlement on a monthly basis based on a specific rate per 1000 characters with spaces.
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    Dobry Zleceniodawca 18 deals
    Lesson plans to be written
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, subject teachers and educators will be commissioned to write lesson plans/lessons. Different topics, different educational levels. Please send us your suggestions.
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    I'll have a person who likes to write in English about women's and children's fashion copywriting and SEO. Two hundred short articles in English. The contract volume: - texts based on specific guidelines, - selecting photos (references) text illustrating, - contact with the editor in charge, - systematic delivery of texts, - the possibility of continuing cooperation in the form of standing orders, - possible continuation after realization of this contract Requirements: - proven ability to write articles with SEO - knowledge of "social media", - fluent English, Please send your portfolio. Possible farther cooperation ONLY FREELANCERS not COMPANIES.
Adrian Jędrzejczyk
Adrian Jędrzejczyk
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Job description

Dzień dobry,

Poszukujemy copywriterów do współpracy przy tworzeniu tekstów o różnej tematyce, które publikowane są na blogach naszych klientów.

Ilość tekstów uzależniona od danego tematu i tego, jak będzie rozwijała się nasza współpraca. Średni zakres zzs od 3k do 20k na jeden tekst. Wymagana umiejętność współpracy opartej na przekazywanych frazach kluczowych do umieszczenia w tekście.

Zakresy tematyczne:

- bielizna damska,

- SEO i WordPress,

- myślistwo,

- zakłady bukmacherskie.

Jeśli czujesz się dobrze w którymś z powyższych tematów napisz kilka słów o sobie, podeślij przykładowe teksty i zaproponuj stawkę za 1k zzs. Możliwa współpraca nawet od tego tygodnia. W kwestii terminów duża elastyczność, ale terminowe dostarczanie tekstów to podstawa we współpracy.

Number of characters:

3-20k zzs

Type and number of texts: