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Websites and online shops

3881 jobs

at the top of the page scrolling several photos (4-5) as the top background about 7 - 8 tabs on the page about 10-15 photos google map in addition, help in buying and choosing a domain + setting up mail to the site I have for example a...

I am looking for a person to put up a business card site on wordpress. Need to upload cms + content editor elementor + selection and customization of theme. I already have the colors selected, content and graphics are also provided by myself.

New website


I will order the preparation of a website, for the company the site should include a simple but aesthetic design, so that you can include a portfolio. Another important element is the lack of log in, or a simple contact form, I think a maximum of...

I run a marketing agency and I am looking for a person to work with me on a permanent basis on website development. I am looking for a person who is able to expect smaller amounts for the number of projects, e.g. 5 -7 per month. The sites I...

Hello, I am looking for a person who will make a fairly simple website for my company (5 tabs, contact, about us , home page, our offer, privacy policy). It will be a page presenting the offer, with a contact form , I have graphics and...

Hello sincerely, I will commission a website under the entertainment industry, The site will have an informative function.

I will commission a responsive Beauty & SPA clinic website. Information about the basic requirements of this site: - website based on Wordpress - responsive - 7 tabs + subpages describing treatments + price list - contact form -...

I am interested in creating a website for personal branding - design + implementation on a domain already purchased. The site would be an onepag with a blog tab.

Making a landing page


I am looking for a person to make a simple landing page for a newly created project.

Website + hosting


I need a website in pl, a simple page a few tabs- text and materials I will provide. For this must be embracing cheap hosting and positioning.

Creation of a website dedicated to the topic of honey plants for bees and general information about bees and their rescue.

I need to put up a simple website on wordpress( so that I can also complete and change the necessary information myself). It is to act as an online business card.

I will order the preparation of a page on which the products of our company will be presented. The site will consist of: - Home page (presenting a brief description + each product with a small photo and a link to a subpage), - Product page...

Website construction


I am looking for a person with a well-developed aesthetic sense to build a website based on the wordpress module. The site would be made for a company dealing with the sale and installation of blinds and windows. Currently the site has a domain...

Good day, We need an experienced website builder to create an online store for a beauty salon. On the subject of eyebrows and eyelashes. Requires creating a beautiful design from scratch with pleasing tones and...

I will commission the creation of a site for a land sales company. Experience in website development required.

I will commission the development of a portfolio type website while maintaining branding (brand colors/phonemes). At the moment I'm using free Elementor and I think I'd like to leave it that way, but I'm open to suggestions. I need tabs like:...

Website for real estate office People with experience - please ask for portfolio

Will establish cooperation with a freelancer regarding the implementation, optimized for SEO developed several websites. Websites of companies from different industries. The possibility of staggering the implementation (they do not all have to...

I will commission a website for a Spanish language school. We would like the site to be clear and readable and SEO-compliant. We would like it to include, among other things, a blog section and a contact form. We are looking for a person who will...