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255 jobs

I will commission Slovenian to Polish translation trade subject - documents below

The Mirjan24 online furniture store is looking for a person to translate product descriptions and indicated content into English. The number of products to be translated is about 4,000, descriptions will be divided into batches - after the...

I will order a website translation for a service operating in the area of B2B e-commerce from Polish into English. The website is built on blocks, many elements are repeated on other subpages. I am asking for contacts only people who have...

German translation


We are looking for a person who will translate from Polish to German documents regarding the online store (regulations, shipping rules, payment rules, return policy, etc.). A willing sworn translator or a person who can speak business German...

I am looking for a person with medical English who will translate several pages of contraindications cards for a beauty salon.

Hi, I am looking for people for a long-term (probably several months) project in the field of translating TV program subtitles from Polish into English. Probably 20-30 minutes of subtitles per day / day. If you are interested, please...

CO3 Sp. z o.o. We are a Wrocław-based company that creates a platform that allows forwarders to track loads ordered by them for truck transport on a map. We are looking for a person who will be able to help us in contact with our French-speaking...

The document is a guide that explains to the customer how to choose a guide for sliding doors and answers the most common questions about this type of product.

Please apply only people qualified in translating and fluent in Polish. The ability to write in Polish is more important here than knowing English (the text is linguistically easy), but I care about the correct construction of sentences and the...

We are looking for a person who will translate from Polish into German two A4 pages of advertising texts for the google campaign to foreign markets. I am asking for a price suggestion in the message

I will order the translation of texts from Polish into English. Constant cooperation. Please give me the rate for 1000 characters

German translator


Hello, constant cooperation. Needed person to translate an online store with knowledge of Wordpress

It is about translating content from foreign websites and publishing them in Polish on the website

German translator


Hello, the person needed is to set up and translate the website into German. A welcome person who knows Wordpress

Website translation


Hello, need a person to translate the site into German very good knowledge of German is not an option translation by google translator Good knowledge of wordpress

Good morning, I am looking for a person to translate texts from the website to the English version. The text was written by Copy from SEO, so we expect a similar style so that the right phrases are preserved in the texts. The page will look...

I am looking for a sworn translator who will translate the outline related to dental assistance. the number of thrones to translate is 160. Translation from Polish into English. I am asking for the completion date and amount.

I will arrange for a translation of the coffee machine manual (43 A6 pages). The manual is in PDF format with photos.

we need to translate

Translated from Polish into English 40,000 characters in a fairly simple text. Let people submitting their offers add certificates confirming the knowledge of the language. I want to be sure that the translation will be of the highest quality.