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Other IT services

514 jobs

If you have these tools in your stable I will be happy to take care of these steeds. I am implementing a small project not exceeding 9k links I will buy access for a short period of time to the tools mentioned above.

I will outsource sending Spam inside phpBB private messages to all users. Work for one single forum. I want a person who has previous experience with posters and message submission. Preferably someone who has a script or also knows how to do...

I am looking for a person who will configure my VSC environment in terms of being able to efficiently build templates with Wordpress installed locally so that everything builds for me automatically (e.g. via Docker) in the Chrome browser and with...

I will be commissioning a BLAST using ZennoPoster. The project is quite well defined and I will be happy to provide the details. To be done is the configuration of the software + possibly making a blast on your hardware. I am very much...

One-time order for the implementation of Shoper -> Przelewy24 integration

I will commission a specialist to purchase bulk eco peas 5 tons for 1 farm on an established account. Eco peas must be in bulk - 5 tons - 1 session. Pieklorz, Karlik or Retopal. Details after selection. If successful, I will have more such tasks.

Good day, I will order to add to the basket a total of 5 tons of bagged eco-pea Pieklorz or Karlik 1000kg on two accounts on the website sklep.pgg.pl. Please give me a quote for the total. One account: Adding 2 tons (two sessions) The second...

Until recently, the company's mail was configured under the Legacy (free) package. While using Legacy, the company changed its name, PRIMARY DOMAIN could not be changed so the new domain was added as an alias (changing the primary domain would...

After losing power, one of the servers does not want to boot in normal mode and in the recommended recovery mode it requests hard drive drivers. The copy is on an external drive.

As in the topic, it is about P24 connection, downloading the transaction status and further methods in the condition.

I have a Teams App - a small project. It needs to connect WhatsApp there. So that messages from Whatsapp will be visible on the channel

Bot for pgg


Good day, I will buy or commission the creation of a bot that will allow me to buy in the store pgg ecogas. I see several similar orders here, so the topic is most likely familiar

I will commission a simple bot for purchasing on the PGG website

PGG shopper program


Orders to create a program that would add a specific coal to the shopping cart despite the overload of the site. Interested persons are encouraged to contact me. If you are able to make a purchase without the above program I also encourage you to...



I will commission a script for an automatic purchase process/ bot that adds my chosen assortment to the shopping cart on pgg.

We are looking for a person who has extensive experience in managing Email Ticketing systems. We are interested in a Web only email solution. The functionalities we care about: - interface design similar to standard email programs - a...

Good day! I would need to prepare in HTML a template of 3 mailings as attached. The header can be "fixed" - "middle" (text) is to be editable for the Client. Mailing is sent by the Client from outlook mail - so we pay attention to the fact...

I will commission a script for an automatic purchase process/ bot that adds the assortment of my choice to the shopping cart.

Witam, mam sklep na platformie Shopify i szukam kogoś, kto może podłączyć i ustawić bezpośrednią integrację tej platformy z polskim systemem płatności Przelewy24 za pomocą kodowania.

Accounts would be entered into the bot , he would buy coal. I am interested in the possibility to connect several accounts with him at once and he would buy as much coal as possible in one session.