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Multimedia and photo

711 jobs

Hi looking for a person who will create a short intro on gastronomy for a newly created channel on yt.

Hi! I need help in preparing some simple explainer video style animations. To be animated will be: - text - inputs and outputs of static graphic elements provided by our graphic designer The scope of work includes: - 1 longer...

I am looking for a person who will take care of recording tics and reels on instagram for us. We are a manufacturer of natural foods - wekas. Please drop your offer, experience and understanding of the industry. Preferred people from the...

Good day I will commission the preparation of short instructional videos of phone repairs. Mainly replacing the display, battery. The videos on which we will follow can be found under the YT keyword: [model] screen replacement, such as...

I am looking for a person to edit a short, 3-5 minute promotional video. Editing: selection of scenes from short parosecond shots + one longer video in its entirety + color grading + music. Other details to be determined.

Footwear photography


I will commission 3d footwear photos on white background. Destination: website. About 100 pairs of shoes. Please provide an offer and a quote for the total. Long-term cooperation possible.

Hello, We are looking for an editor with experience in editing videos for an online course on League of Legends. We are only interested in an active player of this game who is talented in editing. This is a larger assignment for 1/2 month...

I would like to start an adventure with YouTube. Vlogs, lifestyle topics, books, travel. Please give me a quote for one video. You can be an amateur and just starting out.

Look for a person to cut and edit the 45-minute video into something like youtube shorts, for use on social media.

YouTube video editing


Hey :) Looking for a person who would edit videos after providing guidelines etc. Would edit YouTube videos, vlog type, talkback, etc :) possible permanent cooperation. If you haven't done it yet, and want to spread your wings - let me...

I will commission a recording day for 5 product commercials about 15s each. - Ads for jewelry based on the appearance of food such as donuts created from modeling clay - models needed - a girl child and a woman - we can take part in...

Good day, I will commission an advertising animation of a product, furniture. The expected target effect similar to those from...

Product photography


I will order photos on a white background of chair covers. Arrangement photos are welcome.

I am looking for a person who is able to modify videos in a professional way. The person interested should have no problem with trimming or adding a title page. Below I send a link to the fim ( and to the...

YouTubing specialist


Hi! We are looking for a YouTubing specialist/staff 🙂 We are looking for a person to support us in editing our videos. We are looking for a person to support us in editing our videos, publications and all the related work.

YouTube account - we will commission short professional videos advertising the product and company.

Hello We would like to commission the production of short (up to 30 seconds) professional videos promoting our various products and company on Youtube channel. We have pictures of products and various graphics, but it needs to be dressed up...

Editing of TikTok and Instagram videos (Polish, English and Italian) Preferably in Final Cut Pro

Edit 63 instagram reels

Hi! Let me start by saying right away that I would like bids only from people who have ever done Showreels and have them in their portfolio ;) It would be even better if you have experience in editing from a FPV drone I have a lot of FPV...