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Multimedia and photo

1423 jobs

Photo cutout


I will order to cut out the background from photos of chairs. - example is attached - photos without loss of quality - it has to be a neat cutout without any imperfections

Hey, I'm looking for a person to edit a reel on Instagram/tiktok based on my materials. A 40-60 second video, I provide the footage and music. Inspiration on what kind of videos I am looking...

Preparation of 4 reels with the principal's products.

Photo cutout


I will order to cut out the background from photos of chairs. - example is attached - photos without loss of quality - it has to be a neat cutout without any imperfections

For my client's needs, I am looking for a video editor/editor to edit a 15-second video showcasing products from approximately 3 minutes of source footage. The video should be edited to show the product as attractively as possible. A...

Good day I will outsource the making of product videos for TikTok. Short videos up to 30 seconds showing the product with its description. These are accessories for phones. The products will be delivered by courier. Please give me a quote and...

Hi, I run a Natural Food Manufactory - I will cooperate with a person who will create content for us in the form of photos. I invite all creators to contact me,

Each video should be edited - that is, cut, add effects and subtitles. Each video about 1 minute.

We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation to edit films. Editing from entrusted material, short films about 60s - 120s, some with subtitles and voiceover (text and voiceover on our side). Business films, reports from participation...

We have 350 photos of hands with nails painted with different colors of polish, You need to retouch the hand carefully so that it is smooth and has no scratches etc. then refine the color of the polish on the nails to match the real color of...

Good day, I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation. Online store with GSM accessories, mainly small products. Snapping photos+processing. Both strictce product photos and arranged photos.

We are looking for a person to undertake retouching and post-production (photo temperature, white and black balance, contrast, etc.) of 40-odd portraits. Deadline: July 24. Please send me offers with suggested approximate rate per photo.

I need a person to record TikToks with a product for the cosmetics industry. To start with I need a quote for 1 , 5 and 10 tiktoks A few of them will go to ads on fb Please send me your work or social media

We are looking for passionate photographers familiar with social media to collaborate on creating content on Instagram for the clothing brand BLVCK.PL. The creators' task will be to provide photos and videos showing current and new products....

I am looking for a person to regularly edit videos for Reels on Instagram (2-3 pcs per month). The videos are to be in the form of snapshots of videos and photos with overlaid captions and background music or AI-generated narration. They will...

I will order the post-production of photos of ghost clothing: jeans pants, sweatshirts, shirts, dresses. Quantity of about 100 pieces. The task consists of: - cutting out the product from the background, - retouching the visible elements...

approx. 70-90 pcs. - we want one file in psd (original size) and another jpg (for online store 1000x1000pixels) - removing the background - adjusting the size of the box to the working area (I'll explain what's involved) - sometimes removing...

I need to make a simple flyer along with an offer. I have all the data available and one graphic that I want to use in the project. If you make an offer, please give me a reliable quote and time for the work.

I will order packshot photos (on a transparent background in .png format) of 10 metal products like key rings, snap hooks, chains. Sample photo attached. For most of the products, I am interested in keeping a more or less defined perspective.

Photo grading


I'm looking for a subcontractor to spar photos, mainly furniture. I will send you wetransfer files, in response I would like to get a cut file in psd, on a separate layer, without retouching, adding shadows, etc. If cooperation goes smoothly,...