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Graphic projects

2259 jobs

hi, looking for a designer to design for us logo and carton package for our product. Logo need to be in light colours - herbal products. We are looking to re-brand. Logo budget is around 500 euro, but looking for offers with portoflio

Hi there! We're Contellio, the fast-growing company that creates beautiful designs for clients like Creative Market or Zapier. We're looking for talented graphic designers for remote work on designing infographics and presentations. We...

I've a PDF file of 17 scanned pages, I need it's size less than 1 Mb. I've been trying for 24 hours till now with all possible solutions to reduce its size, tried compression, reducing quality and page dimensions, but nothing works. If you plan...

Hello, I would like to order preparation of the business presentation template in PowerPoint, as similar as possibile to the one at this link: Content and colors like at the picture with...

We are looking for a unique industrial/loft style logo to represent our new Nail Salon. To avoid wasting time please be aware we are not looking for a fluffy, pretty, girly design, although this is a Ladies Nail Salon our whole concept is...

Logo - Graphic Design


I am looking for a logo of a goat with specific direction that I will give once connected. Logo needs to be resizeable for the use of my ideas.

Graphic Design Logo


I need a logo for a consulting business. I am looking for something clean, simple, and inexpensive. I would prefer a purple logo - possibly with a butterfly.



Design an Advertisement For Restaurant (from scratch graphic + backstory - it need to tell story). Looking for offers. You need to be creative

Design and implement a simple html emails template so i can use it with interspere. Low budget, name your offers



Logo for e-store, need to be in bright colours. Products for sell : clothing , phone accessories, perfumes, shoes , nursing accessories , tires, ect.. Logo need to design for both social media (facebook) and ebay. Looking for offers with portoflio

25 kids/pets drawing needed. Style need to be alike attached. Send offers with portoflio

Logo for website


logo for website: Name your price or logo, quantity of offers with prices

Information file PDF.


Information file PDF. Aesthetic, readability are necessary. Contractor will deliver texts and full context of job. Skills required : -portfolio with files -punctuality -communication skills -graph skills

Project of leaflet in a6 and poster b2 about craft beer festival .

Graphic Design


project and graphic design for volume about 30 verses

Clothing brand names


I want to build a clothing brand that sets the trends of uniqueness and mix cultures. But I'm struggling to come up with brand name that will reflect my image.I want my brand to relate to contemporary youths and modern day working young...

We are looking for someone to suggest creative unique company name with slogan for our software house. Please check same domain name available to buy. Thanks

Looking for some1 who can do graphic projects for skateboards. It need to be done by looking on common memes for printing. Name your price

Advertisement banners for store in different formats formats



Historic maps (links below) for vector graphic. Only corel. Name the price for everything. Add details about every single map or hour...