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Graphic projects

3060 jobs

I would ask you to beautify the logo and company background. Colors kept similar but some shadows can be added. The logo should change slightly, while the banner with numbers I would ask for a new graphic of a high pressure washer with numbers...

I am looking for a person to collaborate on creating graphics on Instagram for the cosmetics brand @balansiscosmetics. Aesthetics in the climate as it is on the instagram of the...

To change the proportions in the logo - smaller lettering, in curves, verification of any deficiencies in the petals of the logo. Urgent, for now.

I will order the creation of vector graphics with dimensions of 300 cm. x 200cm The graphic is to depict a laboratory in a fairy tale/children's style. The graphic must also include our logo.

1. adding the back page on the covers (to each cover the same), ie: Adding there thumbnails of books, text and barcode (everything will be sent) - according to the attached example. 2. Prepare for printing - implementing the printer's rules,...

I have 4 photos (wool scarves and hats) that I want to cut from a gray background to a bailey background, preserving the shcege. All photo settings, colors and size must remain the same.

Stacking of 4 photos


I need to cut 4 photos (2 scarves and two hats) from gray to white background. The scarf has soft hair which must be preserved in the final photo. All settings, colors and size of the photo must remain intact.

Good day, I will commission the design of an outdoor advertising banner for a gym/fitness club. I can provide photos. The dimensions of the banner about 100x200cm.

I will commission to create a character for Adobe character animator based on my character. I have my character generated as a video speaking words. I want it to export the face from this as each syllable, as is done in Adobe character animator,...

Graphics for websites


I'm looking for a graphic designer with experience in commercial design, photo retouching, and photo manipulation. Skills in creating simple vectors (icons), infographics, logos, corporate identity, branding, handling AI graphic generators, and...

"How does it work"


"How does it work" Project - an advertisement consisting of four images illustrating the operation of the service. Technique: drawing, comic convention acceptable. Longer-term collaboration possible.

I will outsource the redrawing of an element located on a raster image, and then make minor graphic modifications. I need versions as close to the original as possible (with gradients) and monochrome. It is also possible that the cut .svg element...

Hello I will commission a vector illustration of a dog's head in a pike's mouth for the branding of a fishing brand. I am attaching illustrations indicating the direction I want. Greetings

I would like to commission graphics for a website. I depend and graphics of products so that they look real. EMS training outfit, tablet with app and connector. Modern graphics - not cartoonish, like the smartwatch on the apple website ;)

I will commission the creation of a logo for an online furniture store improvedn in Czech vášná, the store will operate in the Czech Republic. The color scheme I am interested in is orange with blue or green

I need to make a logo


Simple logo in a modern style Please send me offers and portfolio

1 visualization of the bathroom with emphasis on the furniture display we provide 3d solids of the furniture for color overlay

A creative PDF presentation that is an offer for a consulting service. Length: 6-8 pages Format: A4 Subject: artificial intelligence Document for display, not print. Materials include content, visual identity and sample...

I am looking for a graphic designer/graphic artist, assistant/assistant to support graphic design work for product photo processing and more. The current assignment is to process one product in 6 projections and prepare 12 simple visuals....

Hello I need a world map design for a wall mural Simplified form, I care about working with colors