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Graphic projects

1792 jobs

I am looking for a graphic designer to prepare a logo for a Warsaw clothing brand. We want to reference the mermaid, but not directly redraw the coat of arms of Warsaw. The logo must look nice in monochrome and be suitable for embroidery.

I will commission a logo design for an insurance multiagency - it will be a sole proprietorship, starting August 1, 2022.



Logotype for a private kindergarten - I am interested only in offers up to the amount of 500 zł. For higher - thank you. To the offer, please attach a portfolio and previous works with logos.

I will commission a company logo, Facebook graphics, graphics for Instagram, flyers, stickers for packages. Preparing a label to be applied to a skein of string. I sell handmade accessories, want to build my own brand. I have a preliminary...

I will order the preparation of a logo (initially several variants) of a guesthouse in the Podhale region. Logo in modern style, flat. Sign + name. Elegant/premium style.

Company logo


Hi, I am looking for someone creative and imaginative to create a logo for my one-person company . I am a real estate agent and will be running my own one-person agency. I will not be a typical real estate agent in a suit - and also I want the...

Hello, I would like to commission the creation of a logo and corporate identity in the first stage for a newly established cleaning company Sprzą . The company will be engaged in late afternoon, evening and night cleaning of...

I am looking for a person to create a logo for an equestrian brand. An emerging equestrian brand with equestrian items. I will send more information in a private message. Please send me a portfolio of work along with a sample price list.

Canva post graphics


I am looking for a person who will create about 30 graphics (posts, rolls) with a detailed description from me how they should look like.

Logo design


Hello, I will commission a logo design for an online store selling biodegradable packaging . Please attach your portfolio. Regards, GStec

We are looking for talented graphic designers for remote cooperation. The assignments we do have a very wide range. We design for print, we design branding, websites, we do product design, basically the full range of graphic design. We are...

Hi, we are looking for a freelancer - graphic designer for permanent cooperation in the creation of advertising graphics, social media, marketing materials and for the website. Please feel free to send me examples of your projects.

Company Logo


I will commission a logo for a company dealing with the operation of online stores creating their business structure and branding.

Hi. I have ready-made designs that have been used so far. The idea is to refresh business cards, stickers and company folders, consisting mainly in replacing the logo with a new one (it is already there) and a slight , "tuning", modernization of...

We are changing the menu and are looking for a person to design us a flyer, menu and advertisements. I am looking for a person who has a creative vision and has something to add, I am ready for suggestions.

simple business card design color black with company logo.

I will send a sample of 1 photo for processing. The original and the finished, processed by us as a sample. We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation, so we need a sample of skills.

Online store logo.


I will commission a logo for an online shoe store. 3 proposals, we will choose 1 to refine. Completion time up to 7 days. Please attach your portfolio.

Looking for a person to create simple graphics for blog posts, FB posts and products for stores. They can be done in Canva. Please ask for a quote and implementation.

Hi! We are looking for a graphic designer for a long-term cooperation with experience in photo processing, who can create visually consistent social media posts according to the concepts presented by us. Number of posts per month: about...