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Good morning, I will order a logo design for my company - I deal with insurance, to be exact, I am an insurance agent (advisor, expert) and work for over 20 insurance companies. I sell insurance, prepare individual offers, and look for savings...

I am looking for someone who will design the entire website in a WordPress template and create graphics. Website about fitness, dietetics. Sale of diets, personal trainings, e-books, etc. I am asking for a quote and description of how the...

Preparation of 50 mockups in FIGMA

Valid until: on 2021-06-07

I will order the preparation of 50 application screens in Figma or other similar software. An application for controlling a smart home based on standards and templates available on the web. At the end, mock-ups uploaded to a mobile device to...

Hello, I will order two cartoon characters in the style of "ricky and morty" To create two characters like a photo of real people that need to be transformed into a cartoon character. in the attachment there is a graphic of a character that...

We will commission the composition and artwork along with the e-book cover design on hair care. The texts are ready or under preparation, after proofreading.

Visualization of the gastronomic garden

Valid until: on 2021-06-06

I need a visualization of a gastronomic garden. Visualization is supposed to be simple, very illustrative.

The task is to cut out the black background so that only the Phoenix remains in the photo or to take the same photo without the background.

3D design of aluminum / steel element

Valid until: on 2021-06-06

Detailed design of 3 connected aluminum pipes with adjustable length and with hooks. Technological project.

Giving Seed Logo

Valid until: on 2021-06-06

Create logo, color and Font for Giving Seed

Icons + sliders

Valid until: on 2021-06-05

To create 8 icons and to create 5 sliders based on the materials provided. Icons and sliders to be used on the website. Technical industry

Advertising Banners for Google Ads + Logo

Valid until: on 2021-06-05

Advertising Banners for Google Ads + Logo one banner for each size

Web banner

Valid until: on 2021-06-04

I will order the graphic design of the banner for the website. I am asking for price suggestions.

I am looking for a person for monthly cooperation in creating simple graphics for the needs of creative sets for children. Usually we need several versions of coloring books, templates for cutting, creative works, sometimes also illustrations for...

Marketer's CV + Portfolio

Valid until: on 2021-06-03

Good morning, I will order a graphic creation of a CV for the marketing industry + portfolio. Everything kept in the same style - details on priv. Thanks!

Creation of 3D models of products

Valid until: on 2021-06-03

Hello, we are looking for a person who would create 3D models of several dozen (about 80) lighting products (lamps, fixtures, plafonds, etc.) based on drawings and technical sheets. The formats we are interested in are 3ds, dwg or...

I will order the creation of two characters (sketches + vectorization). Requirements are the ability to adapt to the new graphic layout and "express" in them our values, mission / vision of the store. Only people with experience and understanding...

Creating a poster for use in social media

Valid until: on 2021-06-03

As in the title, we need a person to create a poster on social media, the topic: selling eco-pea coal. We are looking for someone for a longer period of cooperation, about 8 orders per month.

Typesetting of the e-book in Indesign

Valid until: on 2021-05-27

On the basis of the ready-made composition in Indesign, I will order its "adjustment" to another language version. The e-book is currently in Polish, you need to insert the prepared German text and ready-made graphics. Please contact me only from...

Hello, I am interested in making photorealistic visualizations of a detached housing estate [10], a practically repeatable design with slight differences. I would see it as a bird's eye view, plus 1-2 shots from different perspectives. In...

Good day. I will order renderings of a fragment of the interior with a window with a blind placed on it. Ultimately, I would like to list different window blinds in them so as to show them in some environment. The interior can be very simple,...