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Graphics and design

3891 jobs

I would like to commission Vectorworks to create technical documentation of an existing model of an apartment, i.e. two rooms: a bedroom and a kitchen.

I will commission to create a character for Adobe character animator based on my character. I have my character generated as a video speaking words. I want it to export the face from this as each syllable, as is done in Adobe character animator,...

I will order the design of ventilation in the premises of industrial packaging. Mechanical ventilation.

Our company manufactures upholstered furniture, for one of our clients we need to prepare one of our modular designs * several solids* in Pcon planner, we have photos of the dimensions, any drawings in cada , a matter of preparing this for work...

Hello, I will commission a design + cut to bootstrap template for outdoor tent rentals. There are to be 4 sub pages: 1. home page 2. about us 3. gallery 4. contact. I invite you to make an offer. Greetings

Coding the slider


I'm looking for someone who can make a cool functional effective slider from psd banner with interesting effects.

To perform the recalculation of the footing, changes were made to the reinforcement and the diameter of the poured column from ver1 to ver2 to verify what concrete and whether it carries the loads adequately.

We will commission architecture students to design a 3D terrace on the roof of a service building (gabled roof) with a list of elements needed for construction - an area of about 30m2, built with barriers without a roof, the initial concept is...

I will commission the architectural design of a simple single-storey house with external elevation dimensions of 9m x 14m. Gabled roof in the style of a modern barn. I have prepared the layout of rooms, plots, windows, etc...sample project...

Custom home design


I need to make a design of a house for construction purposes, so it must meet all formal requirements. I have a model made in 3D Max. The body of the house quite complex, the bottom after the contour about 180 M2, the top about 80m2. Wood...

Hello Commissioned to design + cut a bootstrap template for a carpentry shop. The template will have 4 pages, home page, about us, gallery, contact. If interested, I invite you to make an offer. Greetings

Create 2 3D AR Instagram overlays according to the process: 1. creating standard 2D graphics 2. turning 2D graphics into a 3D object (in the program of your choice) 3. upload the 3D object to SparkAR and create a filter + Export of the...

Good day, I am looking for a person who can prepare a stp file ready for resin 3d printing, based on the provided .max file. The file must be able to print the model correctly. Please provide a portfolio of work.

Hello I am looking for a person who will make me graphic ranks under IPS forum. I want them to be animated ranks please let me know the price. And maybe some portfolio.

We are looking for a person who will do: -design a script template in Adobe Indesign, and then on the made, the same template will make dozens of script chapters from materials provided by us: the material for 1 script will not exceed 5...

- Transfer (from photos) of a woman wearing an ornate gown to a model that can be used to create an animation in UE5. - So that it can be recognized that it is clearly this person wearing this particular dress.

Customize Google Spreadsheet document according to aesthetic guidelines: 1 tab in Google Spreadsheet document 1 Document topic: The purpose of the spreadsheet document is to create a household budget in a simple and minimalistic form.

I am looking for a permanent cooperation architect who would take care of : 1. Adaptation of ready-made single-family house projects purchased by the client. Usually houses between 70 and 150m2 - please ask for a proposal - lump sum or price...

Hello, I have a ready-made template in PSD. You need to cut and prepare template files under it for IPB 4.7.X forum. I invite you to make an offer! Greetings

Implementation of the design of the mechanism for dropping parts from the line - part 1 The project involves modeling the mechanical components and uploading screenshots.