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    Witam, potrzebuję strony typu Wizytówka, na której będą: - Formularz kontaktowy - Chat Messenger (połączony z Messengerem) - Galeria/galerie (służąca np. jako portfolio) - Mapa Google - Pakiet narzędzi marketingowych ( podpięcie Google Analytics) Posiadam logo firmy w wersji elektronicznej, które można wykorzystać w projekcie. Jest to plik graficzny (pdf, svg, ai, psd, png, jpg etc.) Posiadam własne zdjęcia na stronę. Posiadam własne teksty na stronę. Strona powinna mieć podstrony: Strona główna, 2. fotografia: rodzinna, ślubna, chrzest, eventową, artystyczna, ciążowa - to jakoś oddzielne galeria. 3. Oferta: cennik. 4. Kontakt. Będzie posiadała Ok 12 jeśli podstroną jest każda galeria. Styl strony ma być minimalistyczny, jasny. Biały. Uznaję, że najbardziej adenwatne będą kolory: Biały, beżowy, Strony, które mi się podobają to: (Wordpress, theme: Uncode) Warunki końcowe: - Wykonawca udziela Zamawiającemu gwarancji w ramach 3-miesięcznej pomocy technicznej po-wdrożeniowej, w której zobowiązuje się na własny koszt naprawić rażące błędy nie pozwalające na normalne korzystanie ze strony internetowej. - wszelkie prawa mają przejść na Zleceniodawcę - oparta o system CMS: WordPress, (html + php + mysql, strona responsywna, dostosowana do współczesnych przeglądarek i urządzeń mobilnych). - Strona będzie posiadała formularz Contact Form 7 + Recapchta (integracja Recapchta po stronie Zlecającego). - Wykonawca tworzy stronę na swoim serwerze. Zamawiający po uzyskaniu adresu strony i dostępu do WordPressa strony testuje ją przez minimum 2 tydodnie. Po tym czasie strona zostaje przeniesiona i wdrożona na serwer Zamawiającego. - Nie muszę wpominać o responsywności, mobilności i całej strony gotowej na SEO - mamy 2022 rok, więc to już jest standard :) Czekam na oferty :)
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    Interactive website for real estate agency
    Proposed by freelancer
    Website for real estate agency.
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    Hello, website is created in Google Sites. This has some limitations and we would like to rewrite it in HTML and CSS so that we can have it on our server and better position it. We are looking for someone who can do this holistically. We have all the images included on the site. Please provide a price quote along with an expected completion date. If you can create a similar one using a wizard where you can also add other code (i.e. Google Track Manager conversion tracking), we would also like to receive such offers.
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    The project in Figma, all materials, concepts and texts are on my side. You only need to implement the site on the basis of the project in figma and take care of appropriate organic positioning. Please specify the time and budget for implementation. It is possible that will be adding some widgets such as Callpage. Selected companies will be sent a link to the mock-up.
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    Eliza Nowakowska 16 deals
    Wordpress expert for permanent cooperation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! Due to constant development I need the support of a Wordpress MASTER. Your tasks will include e.g. setting up payments, optimizing the speed of the site, or moving the look of the site from pc to mobile. The cooperation is occasional, for example today I will have to do some changes on one of the pages, and the next week nothing. Therefore, please include an HOUR rate in your offer :) Ps. I care about availability, if there is a need for changes I count on quick contact and implementation :)
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    kzr 1 deal
    We need a website, preferably on wordpress. Preliminary details of the project dissected in the attachment.
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    MaciejD 5 deals
    Website positioning
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to commission the positioning of the website. Keywords and their number developed during the cooperation. Attached are the first words for which the site should be positioned. We expect: ● Configuration or verification of Google Search Console configuration ● Technical optimization of the website - constantly ● SEO optimization for mobile devices ● SEO link acquisition from Public Relations (PR) / Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) ● Additional article linking ● Links from dedicated websites ● Selecting keywords and targeting ● Extending the structure (menu and categories) of the website ● Internal audit for the project and optimization of the existing content on the site for positioned phrases ●Possibility of adding new phrases to positioning in the course of cooperation creation of optimization content (subpages, categories, homepage) ● SEO texts ● Implementation of SEO content and other activities on the website in the CMS ● Configuration of Google Analytics or verification of the existing configuration - advanced ● Implementation of Google Analytics tracking codes on the website ● Verification of Google Analytics data collection accuracy - once a month ● Creating custom reports in Google Analytics ● HotJar or Clarity configuration ● Implementation of HotJar or Clarity tracking codes on the website We are looking forward to a long-term partnership. Please send me a quotation for a lump sum settled on a monthly basis
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    Completing a website in Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need to have content completed. Insert content, add gallery, organize content etc. I would like to close by about June 10. Please send me an offer.
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    Creox 16 deals
    Rewriting the current redirects to .htaccess so that the site runs on apache2 (now it runs on nginx).
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    Piotr Chojnacki
    I am looking for a person who will create a theme containing requirements for a public information bulletin, which will be managed by CMS Wordpress or Joomla. The template should fit graphically to the website and meet all standards and requirements of the Act on Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of April 4, 2019. Additionally, assistance with the implementation of the project.
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Web pages
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web site
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Job description


I have a website in which the company changed industries six months after its creation and stopped dealing with it. I wanted to make changes and fix errors on the website. Website:

The most important thing is that the website should go faster, be adapted to the current standards, that all links and links should be named as they should, you need to make a paid directory of companies and the same advertisements, throw out unnecessary plugs. I would also like to establish permanent cooperation with whom in the future.

Required features

Computer changes: - Update all plugins, check which ones are needed, which ones are not, etc. - In the advertisement tab add the same "add advertisement" button as it is mobile. - the thumbnails on the main page are blurred and some flashing - on the main one, equalize the number of ads to the page length - also on each subpage so that the ads and other things on the left and right are equal to the center - Reduce the search engine - ads so that they have a black frame (also mobile ) - specify the size of the ad - if someone adds an ad without a photo, so that it would display no photo Mobile changes: - Blurred photo in the article - the advertisement tab is narrow and also reduce the search - the advertisement has the publication date not in Polish - adding advertisements extends the panel - there are photos when you open them In general: - that the advertisements disappear after 14 days and that the one who added the ad got a link with the possibility of refreshing or removing, if he does not do anything for 5 days, he will be deleted automatically. - Make the possibility of paid promotion of advertisements and some paid advertisements - In the catalog of companies, that the company should be added for a year and after a year, also a reminder to refresh - how we want to edit our profile in the catalog of companies, and previously selected the paid option, after editing requires payment for the second time - Payu payments do not work - Change of the ad address at goldap / sell a bicycle In addition, you can easily add 10-15 some minor potential modifications to it.

Preferable solution

Repair, quality improvement. Improving visibility in google search (it will look for some beta version ...)

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