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    Double - Digital
    Copywriter with German language
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a copywriter who has experience in writing content in German. Topics include products like: window sills, countertops, stairs and other stone products: granite, marble, conglomerate, etc. Standing orders. From 2 to 6 articles of the above topics. Number of zzs about 10k per article. Please provide price, proposals, a 1000 characters, and a sample portfolio.
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    Mgr_2022 1 deal
    I will commission a paper in Italian on one of the series. I will provide details upon request in a private message. Number of pages: 20 pages, editing requirements: font: Times New Roman, 12, line spacing 1.5, margins: 2.5 cm on each side, footnotes to literature and source material (episodes of the series selected by the contractor) . Deadline: 05.11.2022 To be implemented in two stages: 1 stage about 10 pages by 20.10.2022, the rest by 05.11.2022
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    MQX Polska Sp. z o.o.
    The subject of the order is to give a new style and formatting for about 16 subpages on Main objective. To improve the style and formatting according to our proposal. We have chosen the form and style, you may need coding changes. To improve about 16 sub-pages. Additional objective. Corrections of the content of selected subpages, for about 5-7 subpages need to improve the content. Replacement of several photos (we can purchase from the photo bank).
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    Copywriter in roumanian langue mistery articles
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    Polstar 3 deals
    Hello, I am looking for someone to create a cool description under the product of weight quilts for children and adults, along with translation of the entire text into Polish and German. I care about a detailed description of the quilt as a medical device and its uses.
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    Copywriting in German - garden articles
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to create SEO texts for an online store. Store in German, the subject matter as in the title ie garden articles, garden art.
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    Hallo Copywriter, ich benötige Unterstützung bei der Erstellung von Blog-Beiträgen. Schwerpunkt meines Blogs sind Produktvergleiche und Texte über Produktgruppen. Ggf. kann eine Recherche nötig sein.
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    Biuro Zleceń
    Didactic texts from ENGLISH LANGUAGE
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person who will prepare didactic content in English. The text should be characterized by unique and valuable writing with stylistic, spelling and factual correctness.
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    Biuro Zleceń
    We are looking for a person who will prepare didactic content for the SIGN LANGUAGE. The text should be characterized by unique and valuable writing with stylistic, spelling and factual correctness.
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    Maciej Ostropolski
    I will order to write 10 blog posts for the keyword phrases given by me in English. Each text about 1500-2000 words. Topics vintage interior design. I foresee the possibility of long-term cooperation. I invite people with experience in SEO.
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Content Writing
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Job description

Hi everyone!

My company is looking for a copywriter who is fluent in English and can deliver great copies for us. This is a long-term project providing you're a trustworthy professional who can meet deadlines and has a big capacity.

And here is what BIG means to me:

  • The project requires you to write about 10 articles a week about gambling (casinos, slots, etc.), roughly 1000 words each or more.

I need someone (or more people if the work scope is too much to handle) to be able to deliver tasks on time and of outstanding quality. Info for each article will always be provided so you won't have to come up with topics or layouts.

The test task will be paid. I will, however, contact only chosen candidates and further discuss the details with them. Based on the test task I will proceed with our cooperation T&C's (there are a few options possible so I'm sure we will find a solution that works best for both parties).

The only requirement for this job is proven experience in gambling-related content. Please send 2 examples along with your application. Links to Google Docs would be perfect so that you don't have a problem attaching files here :)


Don't forget to mention your rate per WORD as I don't operate on characters with spaces. This information (as well as your samples) is crucial for me to evaluate the best candidate that fits my company's profile.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Have a great evening!

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All details are in the main offer

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