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online shop
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Job description

Good Morning,

I am looking for a new contractor for a site dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing people related to cochlear implants. The current contractor is not taking on the work.

The main customers of the store will be parents buying stickers for their deaf children.

I want (and I am a parent of a deaf child myself) to give them the opportunity to enjoy and be proud of wearing implants and hearing aids, which in itself is always visible and draws the attention of other people/children.

I believe that from a young age children should be taught that it is not something to be ashamed of and that is why I want to offer my child and other parents a product of the highest quality and form which will be for them an indication of a premium product and real quality.

On the blog I want to support parents and users. I have sincere intentions, I need someone who will be able to understand this and support me in technical and visual aspects (longer cooperation is not excluded :))

The main category division will be at the beginning a catalog of 3-4 models of speech processors with a catalog of sticker types for each of them.

I care about a nice customer panel and newsletter functionality, e-mail and generally pleasant front-end for the user of the "service" and for me as the site manager.

I have: graphics, logos, website design in xd, hosting, domain, wordpress installed.

I will answer any questions. I only ask to lead the cooperation towards an effective and creative solution :)

Template / individual design:

wordpress, design in xd

Required functions:

online payment, responsiveness

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