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I will commission a not very complicated bot, whose task will be to copy the content from the selected channel in the Telegram application, modifying the content of the message and pasting to the target channel. When using the copy function,...

Module for Prestashop 1.7

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

We will commission a simple module for Prestashop 1.7 that will automatically change the order status to canceled after 14 days when: - this is an order with the PayU payment option - this is an order with the option of payment by bank transfer

I will order a product list / catalog of about 20 products. The task is to search for products from a given category Download photos of the product Download the content of the product Analysis of comments Translation of each product into...

Marketing specialist

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I am looking for an e-marketing specialist, a person with experience in building strategies and marketing plans. I will commission a plan, a marketing strategy for my company, the plan is to increase the number of sales. The company has been on...

3D filter model + 2 renderings

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I am looking for a subcontractor for the following 3D order: The product is a filter, you need to make a 3D model + then 2 renderings of the product also with extended elements. Pictures of the filter and examples of competition models are...

WebPack + Wordpress re-configuration

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

The task is to reconfigure the WebPack so that it results in splitting the CSS files into separate folders in a directory other than build.

Hello New store with over 10,000 products. I need a product feed generator for Google shopping - XML. In fact, I already have one that works partially, but needs to be redone. Very advanced mysql required.

Parental control application

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

The service is an application for the Windows platform that allows you to block specific web addresses. Information about which addresses to block will come from an external API (already implemented). In the further part of the project, the...

Flutter application - cross platform

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I warmly welcome, I would like to ask for offers to make an application in Flutter as part of the following guidelines. Backend: Firebase (possibly some alternative, if better) Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS), Web, [later, when it...

Pictures of Lublin

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I will buy photos of Lublin and the surrounding area: places worth seeing, tourist attractions, etc. I want to put the photos on the website, I don't want to add information about the author under each photo. If you want and the price will be...

Guide to Lublin

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I will commission a guide to Lublin, it should describe attractions and places worth seeing, I will pass the list of places to a selected person. It is important for the guide to be coherent, to read it well. In addition to describing specific...

Dear experts, We have e-commerce files, SKUs with similar names, different type numbers E.g: ELECTRONIC BOARD PF34534500-2 ELECTRONIC BOARD OPF435400 ELECTRONIC BOARD KKLFI 24/36/48 ELECTRONIC BOARD S442000 The problem is that if we...

Website graphic design - a guide to Lublin

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I will commission a graphic design of a website for a Lublin guide in 3 different versions. The project should include the following subpages: - Home - A page with a list of places to visit - A page describing a specific attraction...

Tutorial videos, technical videos etc.

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

I will order the editing of short technical films on youtube. These are not some complex productions, but for ease of use, please include sample films and the cost of their production in your offers.

I will order the creation of 2 texts regarding the development of dedicated software. Every text should - contain a minimum of 5,000 characters with spaces - be written for the readers with the language of benefits in mind - the text should...

Coding only in HTML CSS ACF CSS JS - no visual buliders. Completion date max until the end of May.

VR application

Valid until: on 2021-06-09

We need to program what is in the file. Quiz as a sample. Deadline for the quiz is 7 days.

I will commission the preparation of a database of companies dealing with the disposal of railway waste. The track renovation works will take place in and around Warsaw, and south of Warsaw, therefore the base can be supplied with entities...

I am looking for a person who will create an RSS content aggregator. The website is to be built on the basis of a ready Wordpress template and is to be used to display news from such websites as Onet, WP, Interia. When breaking the order into...

Adding reviews for shopify app.

Valid until: on 2021-06-08

Create 100 free shopify stores and add 100 positive reviews of shopify application. Adding a review is only possible when you have a shopify store.